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  • Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System


System Diagram



Selling Points


1)   Language channels are a lot and optional

16/32/64 channels of languages are provided


2)   Using encryption mediation technique to process audio signal

Using DQPSK to ensure the high confidentiality; with internal DSP to make the sound in CD level


3)   Wireless signal is excellent

The emissive distance of the radiator is up to 40m. After cascaded, the distance is up to 500m. And the covering angle is ±135° vertical


4)   It’s easy for participants to use the receiver

Participants are free to move in the large signal range; What’s more, the receiver could be added without limit


5)   Could work with the third-party sound system easily

With 16 sets of audio input and audio output to work with various system, such as ITC conference system, professional sound system, recording system, etc


6)   In according to the standard of IEC 61604-7 and IEC 60914

International certification, worthy of trust



Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation Server


1.   With 16 channel of audio output; that could be used to do monitoring and recording

2.   With 4 BNC output to be linked with IR radiator

3.   Using the modulation technique of DQPSK that has high confidentiality

4.   Using industrial level DSP; the sound is in Hi-fi level

5.   Using relatively high transmission frequency (2-6MHz and segment of IEC61603 BAND4) to avoid interference produced by high frequency driving source

6.   With indicators to display input level; LED on the front panel to show the matching input status

7.   With 16 channel of external audio input; it is also suitable for large scale international conference

8.   Support all series conference systems produced by our brand



IR Radiator


1.   Super emissive ability; the transmission distance is up to 40m; after cascaded, the transmission distance is up to 500m

2.   Covering angle: ±135°; Using ace structure for better covering

3.   Support the function of Standby; when no signal input from the server, the IR Radiator enters standby

4.   With the function of halve emission intensity for small conference room


Translator Console


1.   Using touch-screen in 7”; The UI is user-friendly

2.   With application buttons for tea and HELP; support functions of SM, to suggest that speaker slow down and speech timing

3.   Support 31 channel of languages; 6 TS-0670HY could be set in 1 interpretation room

4.   With 3 hot-key for frequently-used language input and other 3 for output

5.   Easy operation for channel selection

16 Channel IR Receiver


1)   Support 16 channel of languages

2)   With LCD to display the number of channel, battery power and signal status

3)   The participants could walk around in the signal range

4)   In the signal range, the quantity of receiving headset is unlimited

5)   When no signal input or the headset unplug for 5 minutes, the device could be turned off automatically


3d product demo