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In order to open the global market, the price list you got must be the most cost-effective


General System Diagram

ITC Cloud-based HD Video Conference System




Main Products above are…


1)   TV-60MCU HD Video conference system MCU

2)   TV-1080P-60HT HD Video conference terminal


Selling Points


1)   Using tech. of cloud-based:

Multiple combination method of MCU to achieve cooperative work and resource sharing; Even 1 of the MCU fails, the whole system could run normally


2)   Excellent video experience

To achieve industrial leading standard of 1080P/60


3)   Super low bandwidth

Only need 2M for 1080P/60; 1M for 1080P/30; 512K for 720P; So it’s cost-effective


4)   Powerful adaptive capacity for network environment

Using H.264 SVC to be adaptive with network of high packet loss; Using common network


5)   User-friendly design; To press 1 key to attend the meeting

Without professionals


6)   Flexible expandability

Multiple functions could be added, such as electronic whiteboard, files sharing, cooperative browsing, remotely voting, cooperative designing, etc.


System Description


The system is a comprehensive platform of multimedia communication for government and enterprises. Rich application provides users with communication experience beyond traditional way, such as remote video audio conference, stuff training, command and dispatch, cooperative working, etc.

HD Video conference system MCU


 ITC Cloud-based HD Video Conference System

1)   Support protocol of H. 323; support codec tech. of H.264

2)   Support dual stream tech. of H.239; and primary/secondary streams could reach 1080P/60

3)   To adopt cloud-based architecture for MCU; Even 1 of the MCU fails, the whole system could run normally

4)   1 screen could be split up to 16 blocks

5)  1Mbps for 1080P HD video conference


HD Video conference system terminal


ITC Cloud-based HD Video Conference System

High Reliability: Embedded design; support continuously run for 7 x24h
Easy Operation: 1 key into conference; the other key to speech
Full HD: Leading industrial video experience of 1080P/60
Slim Design: Light and stylish


HD Video conference camera (1080P)


ITC Cloud-based HD Video Conference System


1.     HD images: CMOS sensor; to realize ultra-high resolution of 1920 x1080

2.     With the camera is with 5 million CMOS sensor to display excellent images

3.     Multiple optical zooms: fast, accurate and stable

4.     Ultra wide angle: max. angle is up to 70 degree

5.     HD video output in various formats: support a variety of HD video formats, such as 1080P/60/50 1080P/30/25 720P/60/50 720P/30

6.     With interface of DVI-I and HD-SDI for HD analog and digital video output

7.     With 128 preset position including angle, span and zoom


HD Video conference microphone


 ITC Cloud-based HD Video Conference System

1.     Sampling rate: 4BKHz; frequency response is from 100Hz to 22KHz

2.     With internal digital sound processor

3.     With 4 digital array microphones; pickup covering 360 degree; the distance is up to 5m

4.     1 USB port for audio input and 1 USB port of audio output;


3d product demo