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  • System Introduction for TS-0200 Series
  • TS-0200 Series

Front and Rear Panel



1.     4 kinds of conference modes: First-in-first-out/Normal/Voice Control/Application.

2.     Chairman unit has the highest priority to speak.

3.     One host could control 128 units. And if the conference needs more units, our host could do cascade with  expansion host so that it could control up to 4096 units.

4.     With fire signal receiving port. And if triggered, the whole system would display the fire message.

5.     If you don’t want to lose your data because of break down, you could use 2 host to do backup.

6.     Support protocol of CobraNet and Fiber-glass to do long distance transmission or to combine two  conference room in different place.

7.     The host supports communication protocol of TCP/IP and could be controlled by wireless pad, PC and  mobile phone in Android.

8.     With SM module, manager could send SM to every units.

9.     To work with tracking camera controller to control multiple channel of tracking camera.

10.   To work with conference room sound system to achieve excellent audition experience.

11.   To work with 16 channel digital IR radiator host to achieve simultaneously interpretation.

Product List


1 Full Digit Conference System Host TS-0200M

2 Chairman Unit TS-0206  x1

3 Delegate Unit TS-0206A  xN

4 Full Digit Expansion Box for Delegate Unit TS-0221  xN

5 16 Channel Simultaneously Interpretation Host TS-0670H  x1

6 Full Digit Interpretation Station TS-0670HY  xN

7 IR Radiator TS-0670HS  x4

8 16 Channel IR Receiver TS-0670HD-16  xN

9 Tracking Camera Controller TS-0698  x1

10 Tracking Camera TS-0695  x5

11 12 Channel Audio Mixer TS-12P  x1

12 Professional Amplifier TA-H4  x1

13 Pro Speaker TS-8A  x2


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