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  • IP Network Adapter
  • T-6709



 Installed in weak-current rooms , connect with amplifier or active speaker .


* Wall mount, black aluminum panel, exquisite and high-class design.

* 3.4 inch screen, show on-demand catalog, current playing .Infrared remote controller to control the playing content, easy control like play / pause, fast forw ard / rewind, AB re peat.

* Adopt embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology; high-speed chip cut the start-up time less than 1 second.

* Built-in one channel network hardwar e audio decoding module that supports TCP / IP , UDP , IGMP , could transmit 16 bits stereo audio signal.

* 2 channel line output, connect with amplifier or active speakers.

* One channel 500W power outlet output, remote management via internet,support software progr amming to set pre-open.

* IP address reset button, restore the factory default setting.

* Support up to 1000 grades custom audio priority mute control.

* Support PSTN phone broadcast, support SMS voice broadcast.

* Support mobile WIFI on-demand, wireless remote controller on-demand.

* Support serial port expansion on-demand,remote on-demand, program selection,v olume control.

* Authorized the operation allowance in contr ol center, configur e the user name and password.

* Support digital audio playback breakpoint play , to ensure the synchronization play.

* Support DHCP , compatible router , switcher ,, bridges gateway , Modem, Intelnet, 2G, 3G , 4G, multicast, unicast and so on.

* Support remote on-demand, support 1000 custom audio priority mute control (support multi-channel signal amplifier, mixing , three priority control, volume control).

* Support for at least three kinds of high security authorization, the safety factor is higher than the Web remote configuration.

* IOS menu management.

* Voice prompt when new configuration Sign-in.

* Support 15KVESD protection, built-in anti-thunder processing circuit.

* One channel to download IP address serial port from PC ,to modify IP address of decoding module.

* Digital, easy expansion, no geographical restriction, no additional manag ement equipment, without cables construction , easy installation.



Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system
Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system
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