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  • IP Network Adapter(Offine Timing Play)
  • T-6708L



Professional wall-mount network audio decoding device , perform offline tasking capabilities. Installed in low voltage room, lo w voltage box or sentinel-controlled r oom, classrooms, guest rooms and other places, connect with external power amplifier or activ e speakers.


* Sandard wall-mounted design, black brushed aluminum panels, e xquisite appearance, sophisticated technology, filling high-gr ade temperament.

* Equipment with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology design.high-speed industrial-grade chips, start-up time of less than 1 second.

* Built 1 channel network hardware audio decoding module that supports T CP / IP , UDP , IGMP (multicast) protocol for network transmission 16 CD-quality stereo audio signal.

* Support initiativing to take over the task when off-network, off-serv er, enabling the ter minal disconnection autoplay function.

* Built-in 4G high-capacity storage space, the pr ogram can be pushed through the network to a remote memory storage, maximum stor age 1000 groups of data, digital audio storage capacity of at least 60 hours, data storag e of no less than 10 years.

* Built-in high-precision digital timing clock chip, the largest po wer outage timing is not less than 3 years, support intelligent network timing, and server error is less than 0.05 seconds .

* With intelligent media library and intelligent caching capabilities, self-aw are caching technology applications, optimize bandwidth usage , saving up to 99% of the network bandwidth.

* 2 line output, connect external power amplifier or activ e speakers.

* 1 channel 500W intelligent output power outlet, can remote mana gement via Ethernet, support software programming pre-opening function.

* An IP addresss  reset button, if you lose the IP address, can restore factory default.

* Support for 1000 classes audio priority mute control.

* Support for server management functions authorized to operate a unified, unified configuration management user and password.

* Support for digital audio breakpoint  play function, to ensure that the broadcast synchronization effect.

* Support PSTN phone broadcasting, support SMS voice broadcast.

* Support mobile WIFI on demand, wireless remote control on demand.

* Support DHCP , compatible routers, s witches, bridges, g ateways, Modem, Intelnet, 2G , 3G, 4G , multicast, unicast and other random network structure .

* Support for the new configuration registered intellig ent voice prompts.

* Support 15KVESD protection, built-in network isolation mine processing circuit.

* 1 channel to download the PC serial port IP address, is used to modify the IP addr ess of network decoding module.

* Digital products, expansion of convenience, without g eographical restrictions, no additional r oom management equipment, total net free line construction design, easy to install.





Network Input

Standard RJ45x1, 1 Input

Protocol Support

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast)

Aux Format

MP3 & Mp2

Sampling Rate


Transmit Speed


Audio Format

16 digit stereo CD level

Frequency Output






Aux Output

1000mV industry standard pressure line terminals

Aux output Impedance


Working Temperature

5℃ ~40℃


20%~80%Relative humidity, withot condensation

Power Consumption


Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or~230V/50Hz







Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system
Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system
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