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  • IP Network Audio Adapter (Offline Timing Play)
  • T-6701L


The T-6701L is audio decode device in cabinet style, w hich can do offline timed play, installed in low voltage room or parallel room of radio management area, matched with 2 sets of power amplifier . 

It is a ideal choice to broadcast in hall, corridor , outdoor areas etc.


* 19 rack mount IP/TCP network audio adapter , black alumina panel, Handle designed for wonderful feeling, exquisite craft, all show high-end quality .

* Embed PC technology, built-in DSP Audio pr ocessing technology design and high speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.

* Built-in single network hardware audio decoding module , support TCP/IP ,UDP , IGMP(Multicast)protocol, transmit 16-bit stereo audio signal of CD quality through network transmission.

* Support can take over the task off net and off server, terminal can automatic play when it offline .

* Built-in 4G storage capacity  space, pr ograms can save to memory storag e through remote network, the maximum storage data is  1000 groups, digital audio stor age capacity is at least 60 hours, data storage is not less than 10 years.

* Built-in high precision digital clock chip with timed function, the timekeeping is no less than three years without pow er supply. Support automatic adjust the time according to the internet to k eep the different less than 0.05 seconds.

* Priority customize mute control of 1000 level.

* Authorization operations management functions, support the server configur ation management user and password.

* Support mobile WIFI on demand, support wireless remote control on demand.

* Support PSTN phone radio,  support for text and voice br oadcasting.

* Support DHCP , compatible routers, s witches, Bridges, Modem, Inter net, 2G, 3G , 4G, arbitrary , multicast, etc.

* One channel (AUX) and one channel Mic. (Mic.) input interface. Support independent bass and tr eble adjustment and support offline paging function without Internet.

* Two channels audio signal output interface ,  can connect with external two pow er amplifier. with industrial-grade terminals and screws to fix, the connection r eliability is far higher than conventional connector.

* Two channel three-wir e system strong cutting output interface of volume control, it compatible with 3, 4 wire fire alarm strong cutting at the same time . No need for 24V strong power supply and unlimited for volume control quantity.

* Built-in 2x500W intelligent power output interface , Automatic cutting off cascade amplifier power and enter to standby mode when there is no music or call, at the same t ime it has the  function of progr amming to open the output power .

* Serial port IP address for download of PC to used for modify the network IP address  decode module.

* Built-in priority function adjustment of two level. A, local signal priority: priority for local signal input and priority level can be preset, network music can work as background music. B, emergency br oadcast priority: Radio signal will be automatically shut down local input signal and broadcast the emergency signal  when emergency br oadcast priority input.

* Easy to expand, without being limited by the geographical position. No need for increase manag ement equipment of engine room, simple installation for with network construction design concept.





Network Input

Standard R J45 port

Transmission Speed


Communication Protocol


Audio Format


Sampling Rate


Audio Mode

16 digit stereo CD level

Frequency Response

20Hz~16KHz (+1dB, -3dB)



S/N Ratio


Aux Input

One input, 350mV, Industrial standard screw terminals

Aux Output

Four outputs,1V,Industrial standard screw terminals

Aux Output Impendance


Power Consumption


Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz







TCP/IP based network ip audio amplifier for school ip audio system

TCP/IP based network ip audio amplifier for school ip audio system

TCP/IP based network ip audio amplifier for school ip audio system

TCP/IP based network ip audio amplifier for school ip audio system

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