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  • HD Video Conference Omnidirectional Microphone (Telephone Type)
  • TV-61W



● Adopt the structure of dual DSP , and the main frequency is up to 1.4GHZ. The stability achieves the industrial quality.

● Sampling Frequency: 48KHZ, Frequency Response: 100Hz~22KHz, which collect the human sound & music signal that are convenient to realize for human beings.

● It owns the digital signal processing and transmission technique, and improves the high quality audio effect through echo canceller, automatic gain control, dynamic noise suppression and intelligent Microphone calculation etc.

● Use dual-channel sampling, which can provide users with shocked HI-FI stereo sound and the outstanding audio effect.

● Adopt the integrated design, simple structure design, two jacks that can be easily recognized by the graphic marking. This design can avoid the incorrect design that it will not damage the Microphone with the wrong operation


● Built-in 4 digital array Microphones, 360 degree pickup, and the distance of pickup is up to 5 m.

● Built-in a 10W HI-FI stereo speaker with 95 dB volume, 12 grade speaker volume digital adjustment.

● One USB port of audio input and a USB port of output, which is seamless to be linked to Video Conference System, Multimedia System, UC unified intercom platform, VPN platform, ect.

● 1 channel 3.5 mm connector for audio input, 1 channel 3.5 mm connector for audio output, which can be seamless to be linked to Video Conference System, conference system on spot and mixer, ect.

● It has the practical & powerful telephone function, which can be pre-stored 20 groups of numbers and support several functions of phone records, the caller ID display, FSK/DTME, redial/fast dial, mute, maintain, flash off and many other flexible setting function.


Voice Features

● Full duplex echo cancelling depth: ≥65dB

● Full duplex echo cancelling time: 500 ms

● Dual Noise Compression: ≥18dB

● Line echo cancelling depth: ≥25dB

● Line echo cancelling time: 32 ms


Audio Features

● Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz

● Microphone pickup range: ≥5 m

● Microphone pickup angle: 360 degree

● Microphone QTY: 4 pcs

● Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz

● Speaker volume: max 95 dB

● Speaker volume grade: 12 grades

● Speaker QTY: 1 pcs


Telephone Features

● LED type: LCD display

● LCD color: milk white backlight

● Number button: 12 pcs

● Menu button: 4 pcs

● HF, Repeat, mute, maintain, flash off button: 4 pcs

● Volume adjustment button: 2 pcs

● Fast dial button: 1 pcs

● HOLD button: 1 pcs

● Pre-store numbers: 20 pcs

● LCD menu functions: pre-store numbers, FLASH, LCD brightness selection, time setting.

● Other functions: Caller ID information, calling records, CID

● Communication network: PBX, PSTN


Connectors Features

● USB output connector: USB connector x 1

● Audio input connector: 3.5 mm connector x 1

● Audio output connector: 3.5 mm connector x 1

● Telephone communication connector: RJ11 x 1


Electrical Characteristics

● Power supply: AC110- AC 220V(50-60Hz)

● Max power consumption: 12 W


Operation Environment

● Reverberation time: < 0.5 s

● Noise level: < -48 dBA

● Meeting area: ≤60 sqm/≤15 person


Physical Characteristics

● Main board color: Ti Silver

● Operation temperature (operation situation): 0°C-50°C

● Operation moisture (operation situation): 20%-85%

● Size (L*W*H): 30.5 x 30.5 x 6.6 cm

● Weight: 3.6 kg


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