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  • RGB Series Professional Matrix Switcher
  • TS-9164R TS-9168R TS-9116R TS-9164RA TS-9168RA TS-9116RA


RGB series professional matrix switcher, the high-performance intelligent switch equipment, is designed to display and distribute for the most demanding high-resolution computer numbers (ie RGBHV signals). It switcher the multi- channel input signal to any output channel, is independent of each other. Built-in audio, it allows video and audio synchronous or asynchronous switching.

RGB series professional matrix switcher is built-in a high performance matrix processing chip, coming with a buffer. It works with ultra-wideband gain compensation technology and synchronization signal correction technology to display the image output more stably and clear, without ghosting.

RGB series professional matrix switcher can be 24-hour standby and power down switching and memory protection. It can be connected with computer, remote control systems & devices with RS232 port.

RGB series professional matrix switcher has full product lines, ranging from RGB8 to 32 x 32 series. It is applied to any transmission for standard analog video and audio signals, widely used in multimedia conference projects, radio and television projects, command and control, etc.


* With 8/ 16 audio and video signal input, 2/4/8/16 channel output.

* Video bandwidth height 450MHz (-3dB) full loaded.

* Provide multiple preset and save units, with power-down memory function.

* LCD display the switching operation status, can check the input \ output channel connection status with the panel keyboard.

* With infrared remote control and RS232 port.

* With fast switch for more efficient operation.

* With independent RGBHV component and audio balanced / unbalanced input and output connectors.

* Support video signal types: RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, RsGsBs, high- definition television (HDTV), component video, S-video, composite video (signal).

* With BNC connectors for video signal input and output, five 3.8mm screw interfaces for audio signal terminal.

* Support audio signal types are: stereo, balanced or unbalanced connection.

* With programmable logic array circuit and any interactive switch.

* Distortion compensation technology for long-distance signal transmission.

* Built- International General Electric.



Composite video signal


Video bandwidth

450MHz(-3dB) full loaded

Input signals


input interface


RGB Input Level

0.5Vp-p ~ 2.0Vp-p

RGB input impedance


HV Input Level

0.5V ~ 5.0Vp-p

HV input impedance


Output signal


Output interface


RGB Output Level

0.7Vp-p ~ 2.0Vp-p

RGB output impedance


HV output level

0.5V ~ 5.0Vp-p

HV output impedance


Return Loss

<- 30dB@5MHz

Horizontal Frequency Response

15 kHz ~ 145 kHz

Vertical frequency response

30 Hz ~ 170 Hz


The analog audio signal


Video bandwidth

150MHz(-3dB) full loaded

Input signals

stereo ( balanced or unbalanced)

input interface

RCA or 3.8mm screw luck

Input Level(max)


Input impedance

> 10KΩ

Output signal

stereo (balanced or unbalanced)

Output interface

RCA or 3.8mm screw luck

Output Level(max)


Output impedance


Frequency Response

20Hz-20KHz, +0.05dB 

Noise ratio (S/N)


Stereo Channel  Isolation 

>80dB @ 1 kHz

Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)

>75dB @ 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Equipment Specifications


propagation delay (MAX)


Switching delay

200nS ( maximum time )

Average failure time


Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Supply voltage

100VAC~240VAC, 50/60Hz


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