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  • Digital Conference System Interpreter Unit
  • TS-0670HY


* High digital audio technology microphone adopt 48KHZ sampling rate, higher than the CD sound quality, the voice is clear and bright. Internal DSP audio processing, there is no low frequency sound.

* 7-inch touch-screen, UI interface is beautiful and elegance.

* The heart-shaped directivity capacitive pick up with double color indicator light, it is turn to red color during speaking, with rotary knob plug Microphone bar.

* A magnetic loudspeaker and headphone jack. Support Headphone and Microphone bar to pickup.

* Support text message ,tea application, HELP (HELP) function.

* Have cough elimination function, have remind the voice speed (SLOW).

* Support timekeeping of speech (charged according to speech time).

* Can preset the language of each channel.

* 31 kinds of languages can be translated at the same time, an interpreter room can installed within 6 machine translation units.

* Can be preset 3 fast input channels with a corresponding shortcut keys (a/b/c).

* Selection button of input channel, and can choose easily in all the input language channel.

* Preset 3 Rapid output channel, there is a corresponding shortcut keys (A/B/C).

* Output channel selection button, can choose easily in the entire input language channel.

* Support lock between interpreters and preemption mode.






Heart-shaped directivity electrets.

Frequency Response

100Hz~15 KHz

Input Impedance

1 KΩ                          


- 46 dBV/Pa


> 80dB


< 0.1%

Maximum Power Consumption


Headset load


Headset Output Interface

3.5mm mono socket

Connection Mode

Special cable core (6 core)

Following Specification

IEC 60914


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