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  • Digital Wireless Conference Microphone: One Receiver + 8 Tabletop Mics
  • TS-358


* Adopt advanced phase-locked loop PLL frequency synthesizer technology, microcomputer integrated central processor CPU bus control system.

* Compatible manually selected frequency and infrared automatic frequency locking channel, noise and tone code squelch control lock to lock squelch control, signal more stable.

* Advanced filtering and anti-interference function can effectively block outside interference signals and bad cell phone signals.

* Use 640-857MHZ bands, each receiver has 200 adjustable frequency, supports 32 channels 16 sets stack machine work without disturbing each other, 150 sets of 300 channels work simultaneously in the same place without interference .

* Using the traditional button control, more power, more affordable, cost-effective, high-performance built-in voice compression and expansion technology to support XLR output and AV-3.0 output, so the sound quality is more perfect.

* applies to conference rooms, classrooms, meeting room, banquet halls and other indoor places.



System Specifications

Frequency range

640-690MHZ 740-790MHz 807-857MHz

Number of Channels


Channel Width


Carrier stability

Within ± 0.005%

Dynamic range


The maximum deviation

± 45KHZ

Audio response

80HZ-18KHZ (± 2dB)


> 105dB


-105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical

Total harmonic distortion


Maximum output intensity

+10 dBV

Effective using distance, 50 m at open space


Receiver Specifications

Function Display

LCD display

Wireless Interface

BNC / 50 ohms

Audio output level

± 40 kHz (deviation signal when 1K load) 600 Ω

load balancing -13dBV, unbalanced 600 Ω load -2 dBV

Audio Output Impedance

Balanced 200Ω; 2-way merge unbalanced 600Ω;

Balanced Output

a ground pin (output line screen parietal), 2 pin audio,

three pin without audio


DC12V --- 3A

Working temperature

-10 ~ + 40


41 x 420 x 180mm


3 kg


Microphone Specifications

Antenna program

Built helical antenna

Output power

high power 30mW; low power 3mW

Discrete suppression


Power supply

Section 3 AA 5th batteries or 3 NiMH rechargeable batteries

Use time

more than 10 hours at 30mW

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