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* Real HD image: high quality HD CMOS sensor, 1920x1080 ultra high resolutions; 1/2.8 inches; 5000000 pixel HDCMOS sensor, 327 effective pixels, support 1080P30; output high resolution quality image and at the same time meet the demand of the smooth picture.

* 3 times optical zoom: Rapid, accurate and stable auto focus lens; up to 3 times optical variable Times, f =3~9mm; F1.2 2.1

* Ultra wide viewing angle: the maximum angle up to 90 degrees

* Low noise and high signal to noise ratio: camera video signal-to-noise to HD video conference terminal than the direct effect Image compression coding efficiency

* Wide range, high speed, low noise PAN/pitch operation: new stepping motor driver, running very smoothly and quietly; can quickly move to the designated location, and a wide range of shooting

* Multi format full HD video output: support variety of high-definition video 1080P30, 1080P25, 720P60, 720P50, 720P30; output HD analog and digital video signal in multiple interfaces DVI-I, HDMI, HD-SDI

* Through the high definition multimedia interface for high quality image transmission: DVI-I digital high-definition multimedia interface, can be compatible with both analog and digital HD video output, can be directly used cable connected to the high-definition display devices

* RS-232C remote control (VISCA): RS-232C (VISCA protocol) interface, for all camera settings and pan / tilt / zoom r remote high-speed communication control operation

* Location presupportion: can be preset to multiple locations, including preset horizontal , pitch and zoom. Presupposition, the setting data can be reserved when the of the cameras powered off

* Support for camera inversion: support the camera inversion structure, and can set the image level through a serial port command, the image flip command has reserve function when power off

* Equipped with remote control: equipped with remote control which can be easy to operate. in addition to the basic Settings, and to control horizontal, pitching and zoom, it can also to set the cameras manually via the remote control

* OSD menu: OSD menu, the user can adjust the camera exposure parameters through the OSD menu, change video format, view the current status, etc Input/Output Interface

* HD interface: DVI-I high-definition multimedia interface

* HD interface: HD-SDI

* Control signal interface: 8 core Mini DIN

* Power interface: HEC3800 power supply socket

Electrical characteristics

* Power adapter: AC 110V-AC 220V to DC 12V/2.5A

* Input voltage: DC 12V (DC 11.5-DC 12.5V)

* Power: 18W (maximum)

Electrical characteristics

* Size (width high): 265x144x171 (mm)

* Weight (about): 1.9Kg

* Storage temperature: -10 to +60 Celsius

* Working temperature: 0 to +45 Celsius


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