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  • HD Video Conference Camera
  • TV-620HC


* True HD images: high-quality HD CMOS sensor, to fulfill ultra-high resolution of 1920x1080 high-quality images; with 1/2.8 inch, 500-megapixel, high -quality HDCMOS sensors of 2.1 million effective pixels, to fulfill ultra-high resolution 1920x1080 high quality images. The output frame rate up to 60/50 frames/sec, to meet the needs of image of excellent  fluency and high-definition

* 18-20 optical zoom: fast, accurate and stable auto focus lens, can be up to 18x optical zoom

* Low Noise High SNR: SNR from the camera directly affects the compression coding efficiency of HD video conference image

* Wide range, high speed, low noise pan/tilt operation: the new stepper motor driver, very quiet and smooth running, enable to move quickly to a designated location , and a wide range of shooting

* Full HD multi-format video output: support 1080P60, 1080P50, 1080P30, 1080P25, 720P60, 720P50, 720P30 multiple HD video formats, simultaneously output multiple analog and digital HD    video signal in the DVI-I, HDMI, HD-SDI interfaces at the same time

* High-quality image transmission through HD multimedia interface: providing DVI-I digital HD multimedia interface, compatible with both analog and digital HD video outputs, can be connected to HD display devices by cable directly

* RS-232C Remote Control (VISCA protocol ): with RS-232C (VISCA protocol) interface, to high speed communication remote control for  all camera  settings and pan/tilt/zoom operations

* Position Preset: can pre-set multiple locations, including pan, tilt, zoom, even when the camera shut -down, the preset data can be saved automatically

* Support Camera Flip: support camera flip in structure, set the image horizontal and flip through serial commands, can save automatically when shut -down

* Equipped with remote control: convenient operation, not only can remote control the basic settings, pan, tilt, zoom operation, but also manually set the parameters of the camera

* OSD Menu: the user can adjust the camera exposure parameters via the OSD menu, switch the video format, to view the current status Input/Output Interface

* HD Interface: DVI-I HD Multimedia Interface signals

* HD Interface: HD-SDI

* Control signal interface: 8-pin mini DIN

* Power Interface: HEC3800 power socket


Electrical characteristics

* Power adapter: AC 110V-AC 220V - DC 12V/2.5A

* Input vlotage: DC 12V(DC 11.5-DC 12.5V)

* Power Consumption: 18w(max)


Physical Characteristics

* DimensionWidth/Height/Depth: 265x144x171(mm) 

* Weight: about 1.9kg

* Storage temp: -10- +60

* Work temp: 0- +45


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