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  • Network Central Control Server
  • TS-9100D


TS-9100D is a programmable Network Control Host. Based on iOS and Android system platform, TS-9100D is fully compatible with iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android handheld devices (tablet PC). Furthermore, it is available for network cascade and realizes the networked intelligent control; it is amply compatible with the traditional central programming control mode as well as wireless touch screens.


* Fully compatible with remote network control, built-in NI (network interface), available for network cascade, compatible with handheld devices as iPad, iPhone and Android tablet, communicate with host through wifi.

* Fully compatible with the traditional touch screen programming, no need to sturdy new programming methods, extremely easy to upgrade and renew.

* Adopt the programmable control platform, Chinese and English programmable interface and interactive control structure.  

* Apply the latest 32-bit embedded processor with a maximum processing speed of 533MHZ;    

* Extremely stable and smooth system with massive use of highly integrated co-processing chips and delicate LAY OUT.

* The host has an 8MB built-in memory and a 16MB high-capacity FLASH storage. 

* 8 channels of stand-alone programmable RS-232 control interface, capable of receiving and dispatching RS232, RS485, and Rs422 format data.

* The host is able to loop out from serial ports, select any one of the 1-8 serial ports to input and it will be looped out from another. 

* 8 channels of stand-alone programmable IR infrared emission ports which can be used as serial ports, total number of programmable ports is 16.

* 8 channels of digital I/0 input and output control ports with protective circuit.

* 8 channels of weak current relay control interface.

* 2 network control interface, maximum parallel connection is 256 pieces of network devices. 

* Users can program or set any of the control protocols and codes.

* Built-in intelligent infrared learning function module, no need to configure professional learning device.   

* Available for dual code control, which means 2 kinds of codes can be given by one key.

* Available for hardware learning infrared function, users can easily filed replace the infrared equipments without reprogramming.

* Download all kinds of common electrical equipments and infrared code base from the Internet.  

* Use the international popular SMT SMD manufacturing technique.

* All standard green power (110V-240V), suitable for any area.





CPU: 32 bits ARM microprocessor

Processor: 210MIPS, Up to 533MIPS


Standard Memory: 8M SDRAM, 8M Flash

Extended Memory: can expand to 32M

Control Port

COM port: 8pcs DB9/M port, two-way transmission Rs232, RS485 or RS422 signal

IR port: 8pcs 3.81mm RCA connector

Input port: 8pcs terminal module with protected circuit, support 0-5V digital signal input

Weak current relay port: 8pcs terminal, SPST-NO independent relay, rated 1A/5Vdigital signal input 

NET port: 2pcs terminal module, support NET control bus

Network interface: 1 Network Connector

Computer management interface: 1 DB9/F interface


Metal case, support rack installation

Power Supply

Universal Power Standard (AC110V - 240V)


Control System Builder, both Chinese and English interface


485(L) X 236(W) X 68(H)mm,1.5U



3d product demo