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  • 8 Channel Changeover
  • VA-6000MS


VA-6000MS changeover is an integrated controller supporting main and backup amp switching, speaker circuit grounding detection, open circuit and short circuit detection; compatible with three or four wire volume controller wiring, without extra wiring or power supply; combining 8 programmable stem node or wet node trigger inputs and 8 programmable on-line output signal. It works with class D amplifiers, traditional amplifiers to provide a safe, affordable solution to the PA & Voice Alarm system.


Product features:

1 2U chassis design, high integrated, modularization;

2 support speaker circuit grounding, open circuit and short circuit detection;

3 support 3/4 wire horn circuit wiring;

4.8 programmable trigger input interfaces;

5.8 programmable trigger output interfaces;

6 support power-saving mode when the amplifier has not input signal enters

7 support lines redundance wiring;

8 support linkage to fire alarm controller


Product features:

1 main amplifier automatic backup switching power amplifier, real-time detection, indicate by different color LEDs;

2 real time monitoring speaker bus loop, power amplifier status, automatic control switch;

3 allows amplifier enter into power saving mode when no signal input to save energy (start through VA-6000ST, default disabled);

4 allows to configure the priority of network and local audio;

5 support power through, even if the main and standby power supply is cut off at the same time (amplifier power supply normal), the local 8 audio signals are not affected;


6.8 stem node or wet node input port, to trigger the pre-pragrammed language information to the specified zones or open the coresposing external power to the corresponding event warning;

7.8 programmable relay signal output port, ouupt no voltage output short circuit relay control signal to the third party equipment to realize on-line automatic control;

8 provide DC 24V standby power input interface ( connect to 24V DC supplied by VA-6000BC);





AC power supply



~ 230V, 50/60Hz

Maximum current

0.3A (not including the 4 wire strong cut output)

Specification of the fuse

250V/1A, slow speed type

DC power supply

DC power supply


24V DC, ¡À20%

Maximum current

2A (not including the 4 wire strong cut output)



performance index


Parallel signal input / output



<1% (rated output power),1kHz









Contact output


8 relay programmable output

Short circuit, no voltage

8 programmable trigger input

8 programmable trigger input

Level model

The highest 3.3V

Short circuit mode

No voltage, short circuit

Cooling way

Air cooled


Delay / temperature / short / overload

Mechanical index


The size (length x width x depth)

484 x 88 x 447 mm (19 inches wide, 2U)

The net weight

About 7.8 kg


Desktop or 19 inch cabinet



Environmental requirements


Environmental requirements

+5¡æ ~ +40¡æ

Storage temperature

-20¡æ ~ +70¡æ

Relative temperature

<95% (no treatment)



3d product demo