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  • Digital Network PA & Voice Alarm Controller
  • VA-6000MA


VA-6000MA is a full digital controller for public address (PA), voice alarm and background music system. It can stand alone control the complete system and inquiry the status through its 5"colorful touch screen, from another side, the PC with software enable to customized program control, automatic zone & equipments monitor and management. The programmable control input and outputs could be interactive with AV alarm module or other third party low voltage security system.



1. 5 inch HD color touch graphical operation interface;

2. one key touch for emergency alarm;

3. support zone selection,zone distribution,grouping operation; the volume can be adjusted independently;

4. support customised zone name, group name, host name (multi host network), easy to operate and manage;

5. support event trigger, timing trigger control output;

6. support zone monitor, equipment status real-time check;

7. support event trigger call, can be set re-calling times when no answer ;

8. integrated 4 independent players (supports MP3 and wma audio formats);

9. support lines redundant wiring;

10.Ethernet online configuration, control interface can work offline;

11.can connect up to 4 romote microphones at distance of at least 600 meters and support a microphone circuit redundancy wire;

12. support linkage to bus fire controller (Fanhai Sanjiang 9100 and 9000 series of fire linkage controller);


Basic Functions

*Integrated 1 independent background music player, support timing, fixed, curved, specify playback modes, support MP3 and WMA audio formats.

* Integrated 1 independent voice player, convenient for replacing voice message and language according to actual applications.

* Integrated 2 independent EVAC voice message players; support programmable stage evacuation alarm mode and specified partition evacuation alarm mode, evacuation alarm and warning can be played at the same time.

* Integrated 1 channel analog telephone interface, convenient for remote telephone paging broadcast.

* 4 lines input (one is optional for line or ordinary microphone), 1 audio output, audio output for external system recorder, for in an emergency call speech recording.

* 4 remote MIC interface, connected to VA-6000FM and VA-6000RM remote microphone. All paging stations connected with the standard RJ-45 network and CAT-5 network, using long-distance parallel transmission mode for language transmission, the distance is up to 600 meters.

* 8 level signal or no voltage short circuit  (or voltage from the programming decision, default no voltage) input terminal, (can be regarded as 8 quick control key), each shortcut key functions can be specified , such as: play language message to specified zones or open external power supply to trigger a third party equipment to achieve the event triggering warning.

* Real time diagnosis, treatment, record¡Ü 1000, support sound, light alarm and prompt maintenance, troubleshooting when abnormal.

* Support basic Window platform visual operation interface, stuatus automatic synchronization, classification rights management to ensure the security system.

* System support for third party online without voltage relay input and output interface.

* Host has a full backup function, by adding multiple hosts, also can be based on the "cloud" architecture, when esure the system is more safe and sound, increase the total expansion system control point (Note: configurate VA-6000ST before increasing, otherwise the increased host cannot operate and work, the host will automatically prompt the user to configure).

VA-6000MA Front Panel <<


1    Mounting positioning holes (19 inch cabinet).

 2    Main power indicator:

(1) Green - the current host AC power supply is normal.

(2) Yellow - the current host AC power is in failure.

 3    The host DC24V standby power indicator:

(1) Green - current host AC power supply is normal.

(2) Out - current host standby power supply is not configured.

(3) Yellow - current host standby power supply fault.

 4    System status indicator:

(1) Yellow - indicates the current system is fault, long shine means the user performs a manual reset, lasted about 1 minute, if the fault does not be eliminated, will continue shining; when the system fault be reomoved, the led automatically extinguished.

(2) Out - each module is running normally or the system doesn't open module detection;

 5     6     7    Panel emergency PTT (push to talk) microphone.

5    Color status description:

(1) Out - PTT in normal.

(2) Green - PTT is broadcasting.

(3) Yellow - fault.

6    Aviation socket, used to connect the PTT microphone.

7   PTT microphone hanger.

If the user presses PTT switches, the host will do the following ajudgment, function reference implementation are as follows:

(1) Selects partition for selective broadcast.

(2) Without selecting partition, it is for all zone braodcast.

(3) If the system is working in emergency mode, no partition is selected then it broadcasts to the current trigger output partition.

Note: in the process of broadcasting the PTT microphone unclip switch for more than 5 seconds, the system will automatically cut off the radio.

8    The man-machine interface (5 inch TFT with touch LCD, please refer to the user manual operation --).

9    Partition monitor speaker volume control knob: used to adjust the volume to monitor the current partition audio output after open the monitor.

10   System work mode switch:

(1) Red quick flash - the system is currently in reset mode, prohibition all manual operation.

(2) Rhe red flash slowly - the system is currently in emergency mode (press about 3 seconds to manually entered or automatically triggered automatically enter, this mode allows to play EVAC audio, normal mode is not allowed).

(3) Out - working in normal mode.

Note: 1, when the indicator light is flashing press by about 3~4 seconds to exit from emergency mode.

2, when the indicator light is off press about 3~4 seconds to enter emergency mode.

11   12   13   Evacuation /warning voice message / BGM work state indicator:

(1) Extinguished - evacuation /warning voice message / BGM normal.

(2) Yellow - evacuation /warning voice message / BGM fault.

14   The host feet.

15   Background music storage (SD) card, used to store the background music, can be MP3 and wma format (note the memory card song quantity cannot surpass 255).

16   Multifunctional multiplexing keys (RESET/OFF).

(1) The user select the partition can close the currently selected by a user partition output.

(2) The panel PTT microphone was broadcasting, press this button to quickly end the broadcast.

(3) The system failure by pressing this button can be temporarily closed the buzzer output (about 1 minutes, to close the buzzer output, all faults or corresponding fault module prohibition detection function should be get rid of).

(4) Press this button to enter the non main interface into the system log interface when the system is no in the log interface.

Note: order of execution - PTT broadcast - select the zones - system faults -- back to the main interface.

VA-6000MA Back Panel <<


1   8 level signal or short no voltage input signal.

2   System network interface.

3   Telephone interface.

4   8 relay output interfaces.

5   4 remote MIC interfaces (note MIC address should be corresponding with the number).

6   CAN bus interface, connecting to external VA-6000BC.

7   System firmware upgrade interface.

8    13  Speech SD card plate and fastening screws.

9   DC24V power output (programmable, manually or automatic control output).

10  From left to right: system fault status output interface -- any module fails, this interface is shorted output, otherwise disconnected; working state output , pull-in when the system is in emergency mode is, off when in normal mode; emergency reset input interface - when the system is working in emergency mode, input a low lever signal bigger than 0.5S from this interface to reset the system in to normal working mode.

11   line input1 - connects to external MIC/CD/TUNE audio signal.

12   AUX2/AUX3/AUX4 line input - connects to external standard audio signal like CD player, radio and so on.

13   non parallel microphone audio output signal, that is recording audio signal output.

14   the host DC24V DC power input socket, connects to external VA-6000BC power supply interface.

15   the main power switch.

16   the host shell grounding (Note: please ensure the reliable grounding).

17   AC main power input socket (with fuse and the power switch, confirm the voltage range before power on).





Electrical specifications


The AC power supply



~ 230V, 50/60Hz

Maximum current

Less than 0.2A

Specification of the fuse

250V/1A, slow type



DC power supply



24V DC, ¡À20%

Maximum current

1.5 A

Performance index


Emergency microphone






Line input



<1%(rated output power),1kHz









Record output



<1%(rated output power),1kHz





Contact output


Fault relay output

Short circuit, no voltage

Fire linkage relay output

Short circuit, no voltage

8 relay programmable output

Short circuit, no voltage

Programmable DC24V power outputs

+DC 24V, 1A

8 programmable trigger input


Level model

The highest 3.3V

Short circuit mode

Short circuit, no voltage

Short circuit input


Fire reset input contact

Pulse¡Ý0.5S, no voltage

Voice message


Data format

MP3 or WMAformat

Storage type


Information capacity

65535(programmable maximum 255)

Storage time

>10 years

Log information


Data format


Storage type

Nand Flash

Information capacity


Storage time

>10 years

Mechanical index


The size (length x width x depth)

484 x 132 x 449 mm  (19 inches wide, 4U)

Net weight

About 8.0 KG


Desktop or 19 inch cabinet



Environmental requirements


Operating temperature

+5¡æ ~ +40¡æ

Storage temperature

-20¡æ ~ +70¡æ

Relative temperature



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