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  • DC Power Supply and Battery Charger
  • VA-6000BC


VA-6000BC is mainly used in VA-6000 system to provide stable and reliable spare DC power when there is no AC power supply.


Select charging mode automatically

Storage battery failure, overvoltage, over-temperature and overtime charging detection

Automatic temperature control fan and overheating protection

Storage battery can be changed, will not be influenced by the change of AC power supply

Basic Functions

* Build-in battery charge management and monitoring circuit. When connected to AC power, DC 24V will be off automatically.

* Storage battery adopts two DC 24V lead-acid batteries or one DC 24V lead-acid battery.

* Selecting charging mode automatically, to ensure safety charging and service life: pre-charge->constant current->trickle charge.

* High charging efficiency and restore efficiency. Storage battery fault detection, overvoltage detection, over-temperature detection and overtime charging detection.

* Being suitable for multiple volumetric battery <=200Ah.

* Dual internet interfaces, can realize hand in hand connection.

VA-6000BC Front Panel <<


1    Location hole.

2   AC power indicator light:

(1) Off - Charger stops work, storage battery DC supply is still on.

(2) Green - AC supply normal.

3   Storage battery connection status indicator light:

(1) Off - Storage battery connection normal.

(2) Yellow - Storage battery connection off or battery failure.

4   Charging status indicator light:

(1) Off - Charger is not charging the storage battery.

(2) Yellow - Charger is not charging the storage battery.

5   Charging status indicator light:

(1) Off - Voltage normal.

(2) Yellow - Over voltage, charging will be stopped automatically to protect the storage battery.

6   Storage battery output under voltage indicator light:

(1) Off - Voltage normal:

(2) Yellow - Under voltage. This case happens when using dead storage battery for the first time, user need to change a new storage battery.

7   General working status indicator light of charger:

(1) Off - Charger working normal.

(2) Yellow - Charger fault, other failure state will happen at the same time, such as, storage battery is not connected, temperature sensor is not connected and etc.


VA-6000BC Back Panel << 


1   Storage battery connector, please note positive pole and negative pole.

 2    3   DC24V output connector, please note positive pole and negative pole.

 4   Temperature sensor input interface.

 5   Storage battery voltage test input interface. Please note, it need to connect to reliable output end of storage battery, otherwise bad connection shall lead to being unable to charge, because the intelligent management basis reference input from this interface.

 6   Connection interface, connect to external controller and zone amplifier.

 7   Communication address. "1, 2" is communication address bit, the largest address is 3, if there is only one charger, the address should be 0; address bit "3" means standalone working mode, please make it on when charger is not used in VA-6000 system, otherwise the charger cannot work normally; address bits "4, 5" are for reservation, no function; address bit "6" is terminal matched resistance, mainly used in abnormal communication case when many charger work online with hand in hand connection, and the "6" address bit of last charger should be on, please note only the last charger in the hand in hand connection.

 8   Current accumulator capacity tap selection switch, please select according to the current accumulator capacity.

 9   Fan, when the temperature in the machine reaches some level, the fan will work automatically to lower the inner temperature of the machine.

10  Ground point. Please note the reliable ground connection.

11  Power switch and input socket of main power with fuse.




AC Power          


Power Supply

~ 230V, 50/60Hz

Maximum Current



250V/3.15A, low speed type

DC Power Output


Power Supply

24V storage battery

Maximum Current

50A each line



Maximum charging current

10A, adjustable

Heat dissipation

Temperature fan,  forced-style

Machinery Index


Dimension(L x W x D)

484 x 88 x 447mm (19inch, 2U)

Net Weight

About 7.5kg


Desktop or 19 inch cabinet



Enviroment Requirement


Operation Temperature

+5¡æ ~ +40¡æ

Storage Temperature

-20¡æ~ +70¡æ

Relative Temperature 

<95%, (No condensation)


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