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  • 8.4-inch Wireless True Color Touch Screen
  • TS-9188


* 8.4 -inch 65536 colors true color TFT LCD display, touch screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels.

* Adopting popular LED backlight, and has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption.

* Can have a one-way communication through the wireless receiver and host, remote control distance of 80 meters (open).

* Has jumped and sub pages display function.

* Display in both Chinese and English.

* Editable operation interface, graphical interface support text, graphics, images, 2 d / 3 d button, sound can be edited.

* With touch screen coordinates correction function.

* Using the large capacity lithium ion battery and external DC12V power supply.

* USB download data accurate and reliable, used for the transmission engineering users.

* The touchpad input error is less than the plus or minus 0.5 mm.

* Standby time, shutdown time, network ID, volume, display brightness is adjustable.

* WAV playback and volume.

* It can be extended to 20 MByte  although the biggest users engineering is 10 Mbyte.

* Accurate and reliable automatic shutdown and wake up function.





Screen Type

Industrial-grade 65536 true color TFT color LCD

Screen Size

Diagonal 8.4 inches

Resolution ratio

800 x 600  Pixel

Backlight brightness

Can be adjustable to 3 level


Can be adjustable to 9 level

Touch screen backlight

EL Back light fluorescence

Aspect ratio



32 Embedded CPU, 210MHz

533MHz up to 533MHz


64M, Can be extended to 128M

User program space

10M, Can be extended to 20M

Working temperature

10- 40

Storage temperature

0- 55

Working Relative Humidity

20% - 90%

Power supply

External DC12V, built-in lithium ion battery, deserve special

intelligent charging base


Capacity:  5400mAH

Continuous working time: >6 hours

Charging saturated time: 5 hours

The battery temperature: 35- 50

Lithium battery voltage: 7.2 V                  


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