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  • 12-inch Wireless Color Touch Screen
  • TS-9172


* 12-inch color TFT LCD display, touch screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

* One-way communication with main unit through the wireless receiver, remote control distance up to 80M (open area).

* Display interface can edit through dedicated software with PC.

* Function of jump pages and sub-pages display.

* Chinese and English display.

* Touch screen coordinates correction function.

* Adjustable for standby delay, network ID, display brightness and contrast.

* Standby screen saver function.

* Editable user interface, graphical interface supports visual images, graphics, text, 2D/3D button.

* User password setting function.

* USB communication port to download.

* Maximum user up to 10M Byte, can be expandable to 20M Byte.

* WAV play and volume control, 22K16bit (several specified optional short sound).

* DC24V power supply.





Display type

160,000 color TFT LCD

Display size

12 inch

Touch ranges

30.5CM diagonal

Backlight brightness

Adjustable 3 grade


Adjustable 9 grade

Display backlight

CCFL backlight


4 : 3

Touch screen input error



32-bit embedded CPU, 210MHz, up 533HHz




10M, expandable to 20M

Editing software

touch-screen programming software

PC data communication type

USB interface

Power Supply



3d product demo