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  • 8 Input and 8 Output Digital Audio Matrix Processor
  • TS-P880


Digital audio matrix processor adopts fixed input and output structure, providing 8 channel balanced mic/line input and output, which can input and output 8-channel balanced mic/line audio signal. Processor is composed by the pre-amp processor module, signal generator, expander, compressor, equalizer, automatic mixer, audio processor, frequency divider, limiter, delay; high and low pass filters and other audio processing modules. Built-in high-speed DSP processing chip TI L138 3648MIPS / 2746MFLOPS, to control and process other audio processing modules.

Processor adopts software operating platform to control, intuitive and analogue software operation interface with group control, parameter copy, paste, and joint control function. User can finish the real-time adjustment the same as operate the analog devices, to realize a human control in the operation.


Digital audio matrix processor supports remote control by external control panel, which uses standard TCP/IP network control protocol ,adopting advanced POE power supply or an external power supply , support multiple control panel like "daisy chain" and "star" connection way . Software operation platform adopts a personalized graphical programming module, wizard -style programming, available automatic define the control function of any control parts(LED, knobs, faders , buttons , etc. )on board , greatly increase the flexibility of the use of panel. It will make the system more cost-effective through the control panel.


Digital audio matrix processor is used for various professional workplaces, to meet the professional broadcast demands of conference rooms, stadiums, lecture halls, auditorium, banquet hall, court, exhibition halls, and public transportation centers.



* 48 kHz A / D, D / A conversion, up to 96 kHz sampling rate.

* 8 channels balanced mic / line input, using bare interface terminals.

* Input to each channel: pre-amplifier, signal generator, expander, compressor, 5-band parametric equalizer, automatic mixer.

* 8 channels balanced output, using bare interface terminals.

* Output to each channel: Speaker Manager ( 8-band parametric equalizer, delay, frequency divider, high and low pass filter ), the limiter.

* Built-in two high-speed DSP processing chip TI L138 3648MIPS/2746MFLOPS 64bit to process cores.

* Built-in mic adaptive feedback eliminated function (AFC).

* Built-in digital matrix Auto-mix function.

* Built-in automatic camera tracking.

* Support group control function.

* Support channel copy, paste, joint control function.

* Supports 8 group scene preset function.

* Support SNMP / SMTP remote management.

* M-LAN * Multifunction data transmission and control port.

* Adaptive POE external panel control interface.

* GPIO programmable control interface.

* RS-485 camera control ports.

* RS-232 bi-directional serial control interface is used to control other external equipments, such as: video matrix devices RS-232 or receiving third-party RS-232 control like AMX, Creston.

* Operating software comes in English, intuitive, graphical software control interface, can work under WindowsNT4.0/2000/XP/Windows7 system environment.




Input channels and sockets

8 channels switchable balanced mic or line,


using the Phoenix plug connector.

Output channels and sockets

8 channels switchable balanced line,


using the Phoenix plug connector.

Input impedance

2k ohm

Output Impedance

100 Ω

Input quantization


Output quantization


A/D dynamic range


D/A dynamic range


Phantom Power

DC 48V

Frequency Response

20~20kHz (±0.5dB)

Dynamic Range

103dB THD<1% @ 1kHz


-85dB THD 0.0056% @1kHz, +4dBu

Channel Isolation





103.7 dB

Max input gain


Output valve level

-72.0 dB~0.0dB, ±12 dB

Max output level


CMRR(common mode rejection ratio)

85dB @20dBu, 1kHz; 81dB@4dBu, 1kHz;

Delay Time

0 mS~2000 mS distance 0 m~680 m

Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz

Work Temperature


Power Consumption


Dimension ((L x M x H))

483 x 258 x 44mm



Package Dimension ((L x M x H))

560 x 408 x 135mm



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