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  • IP Network Adapter(With Dual-channel Amplifier Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage Sigal Backup)
  • T-6705B



The T-6705B is a wall mount network audio adapter built-in amplifier for network audio system, its distinctive features is built-in speaker line backup. One line is built-in low impedance speaker line, once this line is failure to receive network source, it will automatically switch into the backup 100V PA system to ensure the local sound system is working continuously without any interference.

It is a best seller model for IP/TCP network audio system solution. It is used to transmit program from internet to its built-in amplifier then to low impedance loudspeakers. So the normal connection way as below: Control port by RJ45 connector to LAN switch and speaker outputs to loudspeakers.

The IP network audio adapter is of wall mount design, it is built-in a 10W digital Class-D amplifier, so it is usually installed in the terminal room together with a pair low impedance speakers for a small sized application.This LAN network technology also allow this IP network audio adapter with amplifier could be installed anywhere of the LAN system, thus the cable wiring cost could be saved.

The biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio transmission, simultaneousmaximum program task and non-dedicated network wiring. A 4 ohms loudspeaker could be directly powered by the built-in 10W power amplifier.

It is also designed of local end-user program selection from server by remote control. Local volume also could be adjusted by remote control. Remote control is also could be used to write and change the IP address. Password is needed to access control the equipments to avoid unintentional error.

The network audio adapter also is designed with a local microphone input and a local line input, a volume control could be used to adjust the speaker loudness. Two levels of priority output: Voice evacuation system with highest priority and local input with secondary priority over program source. However, the local input and program source priority could be customized.



* 4.3 inch LCD screen, humanized operation interface.

* IP network amplifier for background music and paging system use

* With speaker line backup feature to switch network source into local standby PA system speaker line

* Paging function: Realize individule or multi terminals paging, group zones or all zones paging from the computer.

* Build-in order programmed collect module, it can realize the real time signal collect function.

* IR remote control optional, all operations can be done on the remote control.

* Built-in 10W digital Class-D power amplifier.

* AUX output, connect to external amplifier.

* Support local mic, line input, volume control.

* Build-in 3 grades priority function

A. Local signal priority: Local signal input priority, and priority can be preset, internet music has function of background music.

B. Emergency broadcast priority: when emergency broadcast priority input, broadcast signal will close the local signal input automatically to play network emergency broadcasting signal.

C. Local signal compulsive priority: under the circumstance of broadcasting, can start on the local compulsive priority function to achieve local emergency broadcasting function.




Network Input

Standard RJ45x3, 1 Input, 2 Output

Protocol Support

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (group broadcasting)

Audio Formats


Sampling Rate


Transmit Speed


Audio Format

16 digit stereo CD tone

Frequency Output






Speaker Output Impedance

And Rated Power Output

4Ω , 10W Industrial Standard Screw terminals

Aux Line Voltage Input

2x400mV Industrial Standard Screw terminals

Sources Voltage Output

2x775mV Industrial Standard Screw terminals

Mandatory Input

0V Industrial standard screw terminals

Source Impedance Output


MIC Input S/N


Working Temperature

5 ℃~40℃

Working Humidity


Power Consumption


Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz






Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system

Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system

Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system

Digital wall mount type IP amplifier for ip network audio pa system

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