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  • Built-in weekly timer 8*16 Audio Matrix PA System Server
  • T-6600


* Background music + 16 zone paging + voice message alarm

* Built-in 8 inputs 16 outputs audio matrix

* Built-in weekly scheduled timer

* Built-in 16 zone speaker selector for remote paging console

* Built-in 6 channel power sequencer

* Built-in MP3 player of 2GB memory card through SD card slot

* Built-in monitor

* With telephone paging, fire alarm and remote paging console interface

* With regular program and spared program

* With Mic emergency announcement and CD/MP3 manual priority broadcast With memory function after power off

* Each day program operation up to 200 steps


Matrix Background Music System

* 4 extra program sources plus built-in MP3 matrix distributed into 16 zones 8 inputs and 16 outputs

* Manual CD/MP3 priority broadcast at particular circumstance

* The music will not be interrupted when paging console is make zone paging CD, AM/FM tuner, MP3 player as program audio sources

* Playing modes: random, single circle, repeat and all circle

* Music system will be monitored by operator in control room


Remote Zone Paging System

* T-6600 built-in 16 zone speaker selector

* With T-218 to achieve individual, group, each ten, all zone paging

* T-218 paging with priority over music except EMC (fire alarm input) and Mic 1 (T-6600 front panel)

* T-218 remote paging distance within 1 kms through Cat 5 cable and RJ45 communication port

* T-6600 can work with several T-218 at the same time

* There is no interference other zones music when zone paging is made Manual zone select paging system on T-6600 front panel


Voice Message Alarm System

* Work with T-6203 to achieve all zone voice alarm system

* Fire alarm system with priority except Mic 1

* Work with T-6223(A) to achieve all zone, group zone, neighboring zone multi voice alarm System

Expansion Function

* Each zone power output no limit even higher than 5000W

* Telephone paging interface, extra power sequencer, extra monitor panel could be added





8 channels, AUDIO IN: 10K ohms, 0.775V unbalanced,MIC: 600 , 10mV unbalanced


16 channels, 1K , 0~1.5V unbalanced

Frequency Response



Less than 0.1%

Communication Port

4800bps, RJ45 connector, RS422/RS485 protocol

MP3 Frequency Response

20Hz~20KHz/ 1dB

MP3 S/N Ratio


MP3 Storage

External Compact Flash Card; File Format: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32


Built-in loudspeaker, 0.5W

Cycle Time

24 hrs

Alarm Signal

Input: 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard;

Output: 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard

Timer Power Output

6 Channels, 110~120VAC or 230~240VAC 50/60Hz;

Total Capacity: 5KW; Max Per Socket: 1KW


Power switch, 8 AUDIO IN, MIC and MONITOR volume controls

Program edit, 16 AUDIO channels, MONITOR, CD,MP3, NORMAL, and 3 SWIFT pushbuttons


Power LED, LCD display, channel status and operational status LEDs

Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz

Power Consumption




Dimensions (WxDxH)



Panel: aluminum plate,

Case: steel plate


China hot professional indoor pa system for sale

China hot professional indoor pa system for sale

China hot professional indoor pa system for sale

China hot professional indoor pa system for sale

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