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  • Emergency Evacuation Controller
  • T-6247



This easy to install controller features Auto, Manual, and Isolate modes, selectable via the key switch. When selected to the Auto position the panel will respond to any signal receivedfrom the buildings Fire Indicator Board(FIB), This signal then activates the alert tone. If, after a pre-set time this condition has not been attended to, the panel will change to the evacuation mode.

The evacuation tone will continue to sound until the panel has been reset. In the manual position any of the functions may be initiated from the front panel controls.

This isolates the unit so that the alert, evacuation and bell tones will not function.

Provisions have been made for BGM source to be played through the controller. BGM is automatically muted when any other function is operated.A microphone input has been included on the front panel. This can be used for either general or emergency paging.

The Voice Over Message can be recorded by setting the rear panel

Mic Record switch to ON, the message can be any length from 1 to 20 seconds.



* Stand alone control unit.

* Interfaces with Fire Indicator Boards.

* Remote operation of Alert, Evac, Chime & Cancel tones.

* Auto / Manual / Isolate keyswitch.

* Local operation of Alert, Evac and PA.

* Provision for voice over message.

* Microphone socket for PA use.

* Provision for BGM.

* Switched DC 24V output for override relays on volume controls.

* Switched DC 24V output for strobe operation for Alert mode.

* Switched DC 24V output for strobe operation Evac mode.

* On-board timer for remote alert activation adjustable from 30secs to 7.5min in 30second increments.

* Auxiliary level output.

* Suitable for any amplifier with an auxiliary input.

* Can be used as a standard PA system.




Output Level




Frequency Response


S/N Ratio

Aux/Music Input -85dB

Alert/Evac/Chime -70dB

Input Sensitivity

MIC 5mV Balanced

BGM/Aux Input 350mV Unbalanced

Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or~230V/50Hz & DC 24V

Power Consumption







Remote operation Digital Emergency Evacuation Controller

Remote operation Digital Emergency Evacuation Controller

Remote operation Digital Emergency Evacuation Controller

Remote operation Digital Emergency Evacuation Controller

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