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  • 10 Zone Paging Systems
  • T-6212(A)


* Built-in 10 zone selector and paging selector, which can be expanded to 300 zones

* Work together with remote paging console for paging and control over 10 zones.

* Individual zone, group zones, 10 zones and all zones paging through remote paging console.

* With memory function when power off, can realize the restoration after electricity be turn on

* 2 channels 10 zones amplifier inputs(A channel for BGM amplifier and B channel for EMC/paging amplifier), in this way, the other zone's music system will not be interrupted when some zone is selected for paging.

* 2 flexible amplifier connections: either 20 amplifiers wiring(10 BGM amps and 10 EMC/paging amps, there must be one of BGM amp and EMC/paging amp as one channel) and each of the 10 amps severs as one zone or 2 amplifiers wiring(1 BGM amp and 1 EMC/paging amp) and one amplifier divides into 10 zones.

* Each zone power capacity is 500W, and the total ten zones's capacity is 5000W

* 10 zone speaker output terminals

* All zone alarm in (A/B 2 channels) and all zone alarm output (A/B 2 channels)

* Two-color zones status indicators accurately indicate music, paging or alarm status

* Mic 1-2 inputs, line 1-2 inputs, audio output

* 3 levels of input priority from high to low: EMC input, Mic1, remote paging console (equivalent priority with built-in chime).

* Built-in chime, chime volume and trigger are provided

* Zone 1-10 selector, music/paging switch and all zone selector all are equipped with indicators.

* Volume control over Mic 1-2 are provided

* 2 RJ45 communication ports for paging console or cascade another paging controller

* Dipswitch as ID address to be distinguished by controller or paging console



* Panel with/without handhold





MIC1,2:600Ω ,5mV, unbalanced

Line1,2:10KΩ ,775mV, unbalanced



Frequency Response

MIC:100Hz~15KHz; Line: 30Hz~18KHz

S/N Ratio

MIC input: 60dB Line input: 80dB


MIC1, 2 VOL controls, 10 channel selectors,

chime button, power switch


Power LED, 10 paging channel LEDs

Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or~230V/50Hz or DC 24V

Power Consumption






Communication Protocol


Communication Input


Communication Speed



Panel: aluminum plate, black or golden (optional)

Case: steel plate, black


PA System 10 zone remote audio paging system for school

PA System 10 zone remote audio paging system for school

PA System 10 zone remote audio paging system for school

PA System 10 zone remote audio paging system for school

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