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ITC Invite You to Visit at Infocomm China (10 to 12 April, 2013)

ITC will attend the coming Infocomm China from 10 to 12 April, 2013, we will mainly display our new digital conference system and the digital IP network audio system with different solutions. Infocomm China Date: 10 to 12 April, 2013 Stand: K3-02, Hall 4 https://www.infocomm-china.com/en/index.html  ."[more]

Conference system and multimedia central control system in Ordos airport project

The conference system and multimedia central control system was adopted in the Ordos airport project,which had used with the TS-0604M series conference system, integrating with discussing, voting, camera tracking, sound reinforcement and mul…    [more]

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Conference System And Sound Reinforcement System In Yunyan Police Station

Last week we finished our Conference project in Guiyang Yunyan Police Station. This System is an All-in-one Multimedia conference system, integrating Discussion, Sound reinforcement, Video tracking and Multimedia Control. The Project is constituted of two Meet…    [more]

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Small Meeting Room Discussing Solution With Embedded Conference System

If you are looking for a discussion system for a small meeting room, ITC might be the best supplier for you. Recently we have just finished our project at Yucheng People’s court in Sichuan Province. Classic high-end conference room solution. …    [more]

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ITC 67 Series IP Network Public Address & Intercom System Applied to the Subway Center of Chanakyapuri in New Delhi, India

    Client Requirement   The system shall control 10 partitions. What he mainly concerned about was the failure detection system. When failure aroused, there must be mechanism to trace failure and to show it in the vi…    [more]

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IP Intercom System for ATM, Project in China Construction Bank

The Intercom system for ATM machine is a set of system that connect Service center of the bank and ATM machine help panel. The basic construction is simply and easy to understand and today we are going to talk about the system with our really world project as the example. IP intercom system i…    [more]

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IP Public address System in Aba Munigou Scenic

Recently we finished our IP PA System in Aba Munigou Scenic, Munigou Scenic Area is located in Songpan County in southwest Muni mirror. It covers an area of 160 square axiom. Our system provide the basic paging and background music for the area, and also emergency calling …    [more]

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ITC 0200M Conference System in Department of Public Works and Highways in Philippines.

Our client has just finish the project in Department of Public Works and Highways in Philippines with our 0200M Conference System. The conference room require 25 seats, need to have Discussing, Chairman speaking, Voting and Camera tacking function, after consi…    [more]

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Birthday Celebration

We have 4 people having their birthday this month, as our little tradition, we celebrate together for all of them in the last week of the month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX4NWAjmEDQ    [more]

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ITC 67 Series IP Network Public Address System Applied to Lake Joondalup Baptist College in Australia

    Case Background   The client was the responsible person for I.T. in their college. He wanted to installed new PA system so that he searched for appropriate Chinese factory in alibaba.com   &n…    [more]

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ITC TS series conference microphones were purchased in a large number by a Spanish company

Case Background   The buyer was our new client and was a contractor. He decided to bid for Conference Systems in multiple Spanish schools. At first, he wanted to use European brand, but the cost is too high to make profit so that he searched for excellent Chinese suppliers i…    [more]

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ITC™ Video Conference System Applied to Iman Sajad Hospitals in Iran

ITC™ Video Conference System Applied to Iman Sajad Hospitals in Iran Background The client is our wholesaler of Public Address System in Iran and we’ve build up trust worthy relationship. In July this year, he knew that Iman Sajad H…    [more]

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Full range line array speakers

Full range line array speakers  TS-2A03/TS-4A03/TS-8A03/TS-12A03 Feature 1. Using multiple 3” neodymium driver and TS-2A03/TS-4A03 is with 1” tweeter 2. The case is in the material of brushed aluminum alloy …    [more]

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Fixed Mount Series Hybrid Matrix

Feature   1) HD hybrid matrix switcher 2) Input signal support HDMI, DVI, VGA, C-Video and S-Video 3) Input audio could be synchronously embedded; And when it’s output, audio is separable …    [more]

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HD Commercial Series 4*4 HDBaseT Matrix

Feature   1) Support 4*4 HDMI input; And it could output 4K matrix-style audio video signal 2) Support HDMI 1.4 and 3D; And It’s compatible with HDCP 1.4 3) With the function of HDCP self-detection…    [more]

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Turkey EXPO

First, we feel grateful to our Turkish friend who is a powerful contractor. He helped our brand into world-class   We have been kept in touch with our Turkish friend for 2 years. Our topic is multiple, such as electronic technology, the global market, system we could suppl…    [more]

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