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ITC Invite You to Visit at Infocomm China (10 to 12 April, 2013)

ITC will attend the coming Infocomm China from 10 to 12 April, 2013, we will mainly display our new digital conference system and the digital IP network audio system with different solutions. Infocomm China Date: 10 to 12 April, 2013 Stand: K3-02, Hall 4 https://www.infocomm-china.com/en/index.html  ."[more]

TV-60MCU(120A) HD Video Conference MCU

Product Description   Support 2 protocol H.323 and SIP;support codec technique H.264(high profile); support dual-stream H.239; could work with video conference terminal, IP camera, video conference microphone, client based on Windows and APP based on IOS/Android; t…    [more]

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15W 30W Waterproof Horn Speaker

  Model T-710A Rated power(100V) 15W,30W Rated power(70V) 7.5W,15W …    [more]

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ITC Contributes to EXPO 2016 Antalya

                                                 &nb…    [more]

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Digital PA system in Nanning Middle school

Client requirements: 1. Adopt a modern Digital PA system, divide the school area into different zones according to difference function it needs. Each zone can be independently controlled and can be broadcast across the region (playing background m…    [more]

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Solution for International Congress

This system is a highly flexible, hardwired, digital conference system for international conference occasion. With less than 12 kinds of device, the system can be configured to work as a large permanently installed conference system where voting, delega…    [more]

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16 Zone Evacuation Voice Alarm System Solution

  Simple Introduction   A voice alarm system, also called a voice evacuation system or emergency voice alarm communication system (EVACS), is a system that assists in the effective evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert or othe…    [more]

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ITC New Year Ceremony

ITC had a Great Year in 2015, so is time for a celebration. Today all our ITC People gather for the Annual Summary and New Year Mobilization event. Each department comes up with their own show and performed to all the ITC people. In this even…    [more]

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IP Network Audio & Intercom System Solution for Bank

System Introduction IP network audio & intercom system is audio, paging, voice alarm over internet and duplex two-way communication system based on TCP\IP network transmission technology. It can work with any non-dedicated LAN and W…    [more]

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Pro Sound System in Kunming School Stadium

We have just finished our sound reinforcement system in Kunming third Middle school. As the leading audio system provider in China, we have completed thousands of stadium project like this. The stadium is 2500 square meters have 1500 seats and are mostly used for holding …    [more]

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Conference System Solution for Small Conference Room

System Features 1) A small conference room sound system built arround TS-0200M digital conference server; 2) Provides conference sound distribution 3) The lucidity of touch panel control system interfaces allows smooth, in…    [more]

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Video Conference System in Qinghai Electric Power Company

Project Background and Requirements The Electric company in Qinghai have 4 power system department located in different places, each about 50~60 square meters the company wants an economic and practical video conference system for daily meeting that is fast and can use to do Presentat…    [more]

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All-in-one multimedia solution in Delingha Police station

System diagram of this AV system Integrating discussion, voting, sound reinforcement, video matrix and multimedia central control      …    [more]

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ITC Company-wide Fitness Program

ITC is taking the next step to build a unique company cultural by adopting a universal fitness program to all its people. video:https://youtu.be/Dw3RZdB39DE We have many traditions that distinguish us from other company, morning sharing, daily meeting, mobilize…    [more]

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Jilin Education Bureau Come to ITC to Study PA System

The PA system providing daily Broadcast, BGM, paging and Multi-zone control is in great demand in Jilin, and as the top PA system supplier and National High-tech in China, ITC is right now the most important company that attract Education sector's attention.     [more]

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