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ITC Invite You to Visit at Infocomm China (10 to 12 April, 2013)

ITC will attend the coming Infocomm China from 10 to 12 April, 2013, we will mainly display our new digital conference system and the digital IP network audio system with different solutions. Infocomm China Date: 10 to 12 April, 2013 Stand: K3-02, Hall 4 https://www.infocomm-china.com/en/index.html  ."[more]

Economic IP Based Intercom System Solution for Bank

Solution Diagram Product List Name Model IP Network Active Speaker T-7707 IP PA & Intercom Pagi…    [more]

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TS-0200M Conference system Solution for Multimedia conference room

System Diagram Product List Product Name Model Digital Conference System Controller TS-0200M TS-0200M …    [more]

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2016 Prolight + Sound Shanghai

2016 Prolight + Sound Shanghai Date: October 26-29 Booth No.: N1C32 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China     [more]

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2016 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Secuirty

2016 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security Date: October 25-28 Booth No.: W1E16 Address: China International Exhibition Center(New Center), Beijing, China     [more]

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ITC Metro Station IP Based PA System Solution (T-7800 Series)

Product Name Model IP Network PA Controller T-7800 IP PA & Intercom Paging microphone T-7…    [more]

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Evacuation Voice Alarm System Solution for Shopping Mall

Product List Product Name Model Remote Microphone VA-6000RM Microphone Extension Unit …    [more]

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5 Zone Mixer Amplifier Solution for Shopping Mall

Product List Name Model RMS 240W 5 Zone Mixer Amplifier TI-240S Paging Microphone T-3…    [more]

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Cost-effective PA System for Chain Store MPT120

Product List Name Model MP3 Amplifier with Timer MPT120 Microphone T-621A …    [more]

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PA System Solution for Restaurant(T-6245)

Product List Name Model 6 Zone Mixer with Voice Recorder T-6245 MP3/Tuner/CD player …    [more]

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infocomm India 2016

infocomm 16 India Booth: E68 Date: September 12-14, 2016 Location: Bombay Exhibition Centre,Mumbai, India. ITC will attend the infocomm 2016 in Mumbai, India. Lastest products as below will be showed in our booth-E68. Public Address Equipment; IP Based Publ…    [more]

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ITC 0200M Conference System in Department of Public Works and Highways in Philippines

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) into its present structure underwent a long process of evolution spanning a century of colorful and significant events in laying the groundwork for the physical foundation of the country. …    [more]

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Evacuation Voice Alarm PA System is Applied to Shenzhen Technology Ecological Park

Shenzhen Technology Ecological Park is located in the central district of Shenzhen Bay. The traffic in this area is extremely convenient and it’s the connection district between Shenzhen City and Hongkong. It covers an area of 203 thousand square meters and the total construction area is more…    [more]

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IP PA System In Tabatinga International Airport

Tabatinga International Airport is located in Tabatinga, Brazil. The airport is surrounded by flowers and ornamental plants. And it not only serves civil aviation but also serves military and national sovereignty. Between 20…    [more]

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Celebrate The New Showroom

ITC has rebuilt its showroom to welcome friends’ visit. Our new showroom must give our valued clients better visit experience and present our hot item and popular system more comprehensively. The new showroom uses scientific distributing and light art to show various product, such a…    [more]

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TV-1080P-60HT (White) Video Conference Terminal

Product Description:   TV-1080P-60HT is upscale video conference terminal and uses separate design. It’s with supreme processing feature for audio and video and with excellent low bandwidth adaptation, which provides you with HD communication experience. …    [more]

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