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ITC Invite You to Visit at Infocomm China (10 to 12 April, 2013)

ITC will attend the coming Infocomm China from 10 to 12 April, 2013, we will mainly display our new digital conference system and the digital IP network audio system with different solutions. Infocomm China Date: 10 to 12 April, 2013 Stand: K3-02, Hall 4 https://www.infocomm-china.com/en/index.html  ."[more]

ITC Professional Sound System Solution for Concert

System diagram Price list Product Name Model Audio Feedback Suppressor  TS-234 Mic Processor …    [more]

updatetime: 1483523048 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

ITC Professional Sound System Solution for KTV

System Diagram Product list Name Model KTV Audio Process TS-213 KTV Amplifier …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522511 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

UHF Wireless Conference System Solution for Meeting Room TH-0590 Series

Product List Name Model Conference System Controller TH-0590M Wireless Chairman Discussion Unit …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522268 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

gym Audio Matrix System Solution (T-4060MP Series)

Product Name Model Quantity 4 Channel Matrix Mixer Amplifier with MP3 T-4060MP 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522085 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Multimedia Matrix Solution for Bar(TS-9404HT)

Product List Name Model Qty 4K HDBaseT Matrix Switcher TS-9404HT 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521883 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Hotel PA Matrix System Solution (T-8000 Series)

Product Name Model Quantity 8x8 Audio Matrix&Paging controller T-8000 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521722 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Hospital Public Address Solution (T-6600 Series)

Name Model Qty Matrix Controller T-6600 1 Program AM/FM Tuner …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521540 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Evacuation Voice Alarm System Solution for Airport

Product List Name Model Remote Microphone VA-6000RM Microphone Extension Unit …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521053 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

77 Series IP Based PA System for Bus Station

System Diagram Product List Product Name Model IP Network PA Controller with software   T-7700R …    [more]

updatetime: 1483520536 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

TS-0200M Conference System Solution for Small Meeting Room

System Diagram Product List Product Name Model Audio Mixer TS-6P …    [more]

updatetime: 1473844264 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Cost-effective PA System for Chain Store MPT120

Product List Name Model MP3 Amplifier with Timer MPT120 Microphone …    [more]

updatetime: 1473833190 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

78 series IP Based PA system Solution for Prison

Product list Product Name Model Backup Controller T-7800A Power Sequencer T-6216…    [more]

updatetime: 1473832802 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Economic Public Address System for Church

Product List Name Model Professional Power Amplifier with Bluetooth TS-2060W PA Microphone T…    [more]

updatetime: 1473831802 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

IP Based PA System Solution for School (7700 series)

Product List Name Model IP Network Adapter T-7705A IP Network Adapter T-7701 …    [more]

updatetime: 1473832122 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Economic IP Based Intercom System Solution for Bank

Solution Diagram Product List Name Model IP Network Active Speaker T-7707 IP PA & Intercom Pagi…    [more]

updatetime: 1473831957 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions
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