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Chile Cooper Mine Installed ITC IP Network Audio System

After successful system demo, ITC's T-6700 series IP Network Audio System had successfully installed in one of the biggest Cooper Mine in Chile on 15 September, 2012. The main equipments installed are as below: T-6700R, IP Network Audio Management Software with PC T-6702, IP Network Remote Paging Microphone T-67350, 350W IP Network Amplifier Stadiumn Outdoor Horn Speaker 100W The system wiring is based on the existing LAN network, ."[more]

ITC Professional Sound System Solution for Concert

System diagram Price list Product Name Model Audio Feedback Suppressor  TS-234 Mic Processor …    [more]

updatetime: 1483523048 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

ITC Professional Sound System Solution for KTV

System Diagram Product list Name Model KTV Audio Process TS-213 KTV Amplifier …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522511 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

UHF Wireless Conference System Solution for Meeting Room TH-0590 Series

Product List Name Model Conference System Controller TH-0590M Wireless Chairman Discussion Unit …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522268 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

gym Audio Matrix System Solution (T-4060MP Series)

Product Name Model Quantity 4 Channel Matrix Mixer Amplifier with MP3 T-4060MP 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483522085 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Multimedia Matrix Solution for Bar(TS-9404HT)

Product List Name Model Qty 4K HDBaseT Matrix Switcher TS-9404HT 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521883 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Hotel PA Matrix System Solution (T-8000 Series)

Product Name Model Quantity 8x8 Audio Matrix&Paging controller T-8000 1 …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521722 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Hospital Public Address Solution (T-6600 Series)

Name Model Qty Matrix Controller T-6600 1 Program AM/FM Tuner …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521540 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Evacuation Voice Alarm System Solution for Airport

Product List Name Model Remote Microphone VA-6000RM Microphone Extension Unit …    [more]

updatetime: 1483521053 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

77 Series IP Based PA System for Bus Station

System Diagram Product List Product Name Model IP Network PA Controller with software   T-7700R …    [more]

updatetime: 1483520536 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

TS-0200M Conference System Solution for Small Meeting Room

System Diagram Product List Product Name Model Audio Mixer TS-6P …    [more]

updatetime: 1473844264 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Cost-effective PA System for Chain Store MPT120

Product List Name Model MP3 Amplifier with Timer MPT120 Microphone …    [more]

updatetime: 1473833190 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

78 series IP Based PA system Solution for Prison

Product list Product Name Model Backup Controller T-7800A Power Sequencer T-6216…    [more]

updatetime: 1473832802 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Economic Public Address System for Church

Product List Name Model Professional Power Amplifier with Bluetooth TS-2060W PA Microphone T…    [more]

updatetime: 1473831802 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

IP Based PA System Solution for School (7700 series)

Product List Name Model IP Network Adapter T-7705A IP Network Adapter T-7701 …    [more]

updatetime: 1473832122 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions

Economic IP Based Intercom System Solution for Bank

Solution Diagram Product List Name Model IP Network Active Speaker T-7707 IP PA & Intercom Pagi…    [more]

updatetime: 1473831957 clicknumber: 0 sort: Solutions
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