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Chile Cooper Mine Installed ITC IP Network Audio System

After successful system demo, ITC's T-6700 series IP Network Audio System had successfully installed in one of the biggest Cooper Mine in Chile on 15 September, 2012. The main equipments installed are as below: T-6700R, IP Network Audio Management Software with PC T-6702, IP Network Remote Paging Microphone T-67350, 350W IP Network Amplifier Stadiumn Outdoor Horn Speaker 100W The system wiring is based on the existing LAN network, ."[more]

ITC Will Move to New Manufacturing Plant in October

ITC would like to inform all of our friends that we will move to a new bigger manufacturing plant in October, which is located in the Panyu district of Guangzhou City.   The new plant is made up of a four stories main building and a worker domitory. The main building covers more than 20,000 s…    [more]

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ITC audio Appoints Jean-Michael Benseler as Senior Consultant Export & OEM for Europe

Panyu, Guangzhou, China, 2011 September, ITC audio proudly appoints our new Senior Consultant Export + OEM for Europe – Jean-Michael Benseler – who had joined ITC audio. Jean-Michael Benseler is working in the audio business since 1972, with a special focus on Public Address and …    [more]

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ITC Release New 10 Level Volume Control Design

  Model T-671 T-672 T-673 T-674 T-675 Input Power 6W 20W 30W 40W 60W Mode Low Impedance 100V 100V 100V 100V Step 10 steps and off Attenuation per Step 3dB Total Attenuation 33dB Material ABS F…    [more]

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ITC Release New Digital Conference System TS-0600 Series

PDF System Brochure Download: TS-0600 Series New Digital Conference System Brochure  (204.37KB)    Digital Conference System Controller (128 microphone capacity) TS-0604M                 &nb…    [more]

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T-6232 Brochure-10 Zone BGM Solution with Mp3 & Timer for School

T-6232 10 Zone Weekly Timer with Mp3 Ideal for weekly program BGM solution in School and Factory Built-in weekly timer. It is used to program over the Mp3 voice message or music songs scheduled broadcast to designate zone at pre-set time. Built-in 10 zone speaker selector. It is used to distribut…    [more]

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Thai's First Lady Prime Minister and ITC's Conference System

ITC had successfully installed digital conference system in Thai's biggest political party--Phuatai Party's meeting room, here is the picture Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra are speech by ITC's digital conference system, who are going to be the first lady Prime Minister.     [more]

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2011 October Exhibtions Release (Shenzhen Security Expo, Shanghai Pro Audio & HK Fair)

ITC would like to invite you to visit us at the coming exhibition in October. 2011 Prolight + Sound Shanghai October 11 to 14, 2011 Booth Number: 4F55, 4F57 & 4F59 http://www.prolightsound.com/                &n…    [more]

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ITC's Project Reference in Poland

ITC now is a leader brand of public address system & digital conference system for Bank, Hotel, School and Transportation Center in Poland. 1. Domy Towarowe "WARS i SAWA"  Warszawa 2. Zakłady Oponiarskie "MICHELIN" Olsztyn 3. Hotel Orbis "MERCURY" Poznań 4. …    [more]

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ITC Offer Complete Voice Evacuation System for Francistown Airport in Botswana

The VA-2000MA voice evacuation system offer a perfect PA & VA solution for airport, all of the design are strictly accordingly to the lasted Fire Alarm System Regulation EN54-16. It will be step for us enter the African market, however, we believe this start will bring us more confidence. The…    [more]

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ITC Offer Ideal Solution for Bangladesh Dhaka Military Camp

We are proudly to install 5 sets of Audio Matrix Controller Public Address System into the Bangladesh Dhaka Military Camp, this is the most important military camp for the capital, all of the officials and solider are working, trainning and gathering here. Each set of audio matrix system for one bu…    [more]

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ITC Wins Maxxis Thailand Factory Project

ITC had successfully win the huge Maxxis factory tender in June 2011, so the complete commercial sound system, Public Address System & Voice Evacuation System will be installed immediately.    [more]

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IP 2011 PA System Solution Guidance

System Solution Guidance   PDF Version Download: http://www.itc-pa.com.cn/ppsadmin/down_admin/pic/2011625105524450.pdf   Applications Matching System School l         T-6624, CD/Mp3/Tuner Amplifier with Program Weekly Timer, 2…    [more]

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IP Network Audio Solution for Chain Store & School

IP network audio system is a versatile system, which can offer cost-effective solution of highest capacity to different applications. The system could be build up over the existing LAN/WAN/Interenet networks, zone definition, business paging, voice message broadcast and background music could be ope…    [more]

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8 Zone Audio Matrix Brochure

T-8000 is a 8 zone audio matrix system, which is ideal for multi source and multi zone system, which could distribute different 8 sources to different 8 zones at the same time. Two remote zone paging and 8 wall plates to provide commercial business announcement and end-user volume and channel select…    [more]

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New 2011 PA System Brochure

Please download our 2011 PA system brochure, it is PDF version documents about 1.26MB, which is very easy to download, it will give you one general idea of our complete system range, while for more detailed product specifications, you can to to the "Download" page to download each model specificatio…    [more]

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