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ITC Invite You to Visit at Infocomm China (10 to 12 April, 2013)

ITC will attend the coming Infocomm China from 10 to 12 April, 2013, we will mainly display our new digital conference system and the digital IP network audio system with different solutions. Infocomm China Date: 10 to 12 April, 2013 Stand: K3-02, Hall 4 https://www.infocomm-china.com/en/index.html  ."[more]

Celebrate The New Showroom

ITC has rebuilt its showroom to welcome friends’ visit. Our new showroom must give our valued clients better visit experience and present our hot item and popular system more comprehensively. The new showroom uses scientific distributing and light art to show various product, such a…    [more]

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ITC New Year Ceremony

ITC had a Great Year in 2015, so is time for a celebration. Today all our ITC People gather for the Annual Summary and New Year Mobilization event. Each department comes up with their own show and performed to all the ITC people. In this even…    [more]

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ITC Company-wide Fitness Program

ITC is taking the next step to build a unique company cultural by adopting a universal fitness program to all its people. video:https://youtu.be/Dw3RZdB39DE We have many traditions that distinguish us from other company, morning sharing, daily meeting, mobilize…    [more]

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Jilin Education Bureau Come to ITC to Study PA System

The PA system providing daily Broadcast, BGM, paging and Multi-zone control is in great demand in Jilin, and as the top PA system supplier and National High-tech in China, ITC is right now the most important company that attract Education sector's attention.     [more]

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Birthday Celebration

We have 4 people having their birthday this month, as our little tradition, we celebrate together for all of them in the last week of the month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX4NWAjmEDQ    [more]

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ITC Last mobilize conference of this year.

Last week ITC had finish its mobilize conference, launching the last sprinting this year to achieve a even higher sales goal.   As the tradition of ITC, every two month we will hold a mobilize conference, every employees and managers will gather together…    [more]

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ITC IP Intercom System Applied to Most of Prisons in Xinjiang

ITC™ IP Intercom System Applied to Most of Prisons in Xinjiang Let’s start the true story. We have an old and nice friend who is the senior official of Xinjiang Science and Technology Agency. We cooperated with him before and he felt satisfied with our system and appreciate…    [more]

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Introduction for our 1st day in prolight+sound SHANGHAI

…    [more]

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Upgrade your Public Address Devices

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ITC Invites You to Attend ISE 2016 Sincerely

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Various Wireless Microphone Form ITC

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ITC PA Horn Speakers

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ITC Public Address System T-8000

…    [more]

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ITC® TS Series Conventional Conference System

…    [more]

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EN54-24 Voice Alarm Used Fireproof Speakers

…    [more]

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