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ITC Professional Sound System Solution for KTV

System Diagram

Product list



KTV Audio Process


KTV Amplifier


Wireless Mic


KTV Speaker


Power Sequence


System Features


1.  This system solution suitable for the KTV room with the area of 50 square meters,

using KTV professional audio processor, professional power amplifier, professional speaker, has first-class sound quality and easy to install features;


2.  Using 5.1 Channel KTV Pre-effects Processor(TS-213) with a special DSP audio processor, the microphone also built-in DSP effects processor, the sound quality can be processed very good;


3.  It adopts professional KTV speaker TS-29B, built-in one 10-inch woofer speaker unit and two 3-inch tweeter speaker, with strong power and clear sound. It can be used in major places such as high-end nightclub, KTV room and business club.


4.  Wireless microphone T-521UF built in advanced digital touch control system, easy manipulation; support manual frequency and infrared automatic frequency function, you can automatically lock the channel to ensure that the two do not interfere with each other.