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Cost-effective PA System for Chain Store MPT120

Product List



MP3 Amplifier with Timer




6W Ceiling Speaker



All in one economy solution for small scheduled application

The power output is from 60W, 120W to 240W and it is suitable for chain supermarket, coffee shop and etc. As a simple and cost-effective solution, it is simple to install, easy to operate as well as stable and reliable.


A Weekly Timer for Specific Program Playing Regularly

The system support 4 master program and 1 spare program. With a weekly timer, you can play specific music or program in specific time intelligently. In this way, all regular program and background music can be played automatically which avoid unnecessary duplication of labor and improve efficiency.


With Mp3 Player and SD card for Played Conveniently

Thanks to mp3 inputs by SD card, the advertisement voice message and music can be conveyed and played conveniently. There are several functions including play, all play, circle, repeat, random for kindly choosing.

XLR Balanced Line Output and Bass/Treble Tone Control

XLR balanced line output of microphone can connect to heavy bass amplifier to achieve the wonderful sound according to the customers' requirement. Whats more, it support bass/treble tone control and volume control of MP3, Mic, Aux1-2 and master volume control.