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ITC 0200M Conference System in Department of Public Works and Highways in Philippines

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) into its present structure underwent a long process of evolution spanning a century of colorful and significant events in laying the groundwork for the physical foundation of the country.

After the evolution by virtue of Executive Order No. 124, dated January 30, 1987, the agency is now known as the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with 5 bureaus, 6 services, 16 regional offices, 24 project management offices, 16 regional equipment services and 118 district engineering offices.


In order to enhance the conference efficiency of the headquarter, DPWH imports ITC TS-0200 Series Digital Conference System via Ambiance Solutions Corp.. The conference room includes 25 seats and DPWH requires the system with functions of discussion, voting and tracking camera mainly. And our system has no problem to fulfill the demand.


Please allow me to introduce more carefully. The connection method between conference microphone uses hand-in-hand, which mean that its easier for engineers to install and debug the system; All operation could be finished via the touch screen using GUI menu, and that benefits participants a lot; whats more, on the backside of the conference microphone is with LCD to display the name of the participant.

Our local partner in the Philippines, Ambiance Solutions Corporation headed by its President Frederick F. Mabini together with his technical team, Christian Paolo Mabini and Arnel Piala, visited our factory in Guangzhou to ensure the design, delivery and installation of "state-of-the-art" ITC Digital Conference and Voting system for this project. Ambiance Solutions with assistance from ITC engineers delivered and installed the system to the satisfaction of our client.

System diagram