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ITC TS-0604 series conference system applied to the 7th South China Sea International Conference in Vietnam

Client Background

Our friend is a Vietnamese and also a contractor. He wanted to bid for the project so that he searched Chinese supplier on alibaba.com. Due to our brand had same famous with Bosch in Vietnam, he regarded us as the preferred brand and decided to visit our factory.      


Client Requirment

He just wanted a set of conference system for discussion so that our export manager Fanny recommended him with our simple type TS-0604 series conference system, for we sincerely didn’t want our friend to afford unnecessary cost. He felt satisfied with our system and the only special demand was to prolong the gooseneck of the microphone. What’s more, he also needed wireless simultaneous interpretation system, but he didn’t want ours. What a pity! In the second half of this year, we launched our new arrival. If we launched earlier, the result must be more perfect.                         

Our Solution

1) TS-0604M Conference System Controller x3
2) TS-0621 Chairman Unit x5
3) TS-0621A Delegate Unit x100
4) TS-21L Extender Box x5          


1) Strong capacity for load
   1 system controller supports up to 128 units and it could support up to 4096 units via the expansion controller;

2) Various conference microphones
   We have conference microphones just for discussion and also have models for voting, selection and grading. For placement method, we have models in desktop type and in embedded type;

3) Support 4 modes of conference management

   FIFO: it means first-in-first-out; and the quantity could be set as 1/2/4/6;
   Normal: it means that if 1 participant want to start talking, he must wait for the speaking participant ending statement;
   Free: it means that participants could talk freely, and the total quantity of speaking participants is up to 20;
   Apply: It means that the participant must get the permit of the chairman to start talking;

4) Great expandability to be added function

   TS-0604 series conference system could work with auto tracking camera system and wireless simultaneous interpretation system;

5) With matching software
   Manager could use the software installed in PC to configurate every devices’ parameter, to control the conference schedule and to do data statistics; 

6) Simple installation

   The connection method between conference microphones uses “Hand-in-hand” and all conference microphones’re powered by the controller unifiedly;