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Small Meeting Room Discussing Solution With Embedded Conference System

If you are looking for a discussion system for a small meeting room, ITC might be the best supplier for you. Recently we have just finished our project at Yucheng People’s court in Sichuan Province. Classic high-end conference room solution.

Project overview

As aways we provide both discussion and sound reinforcement system to this meeting room. You may think for such a small size room it won’t take much work, but to achieve the highest performance we design it very carefully.


This is the Plan view of the meeting room, the client needs 10 discussing unit on the table for weekly discussion and want the Machine room to be placed at the left-down corner of the graph. Also, a sound reinforcement system that can provide sound for the main meeting area and the guess audience, which is at the right size of the graph. ( the rectangle icon represents a seat) For the guess audiences they need a Wireless MIC to address to the public.


According to these requirements, the signal line for the discussion unit will go through the floor and that is no a good design, so we use the digital conference system to embedded the signal line underground using C    onnection Box, correspondingly the Discussion unit using embedded MIC.

                         TS-0624/TS-0624A                                                       TS-0626/TS-0626A                                           

As for the sound reinforcement system, we use two professional speaker as the main speaker for the meeting area and 4 ceiling speaker for the guess audience area to provide a nice sound for all the people.


Speakers use here are main speaker High-end Entertainment speaker TS-810, and 6.5 Inch 40W Ceiling speaker T-208.

                                           T-208                                                      TS-810


The wireless MIC are in the machine     room together with other signal processor and conference management machine.