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Sound Reinforecement System in Huizhou Special School

Sound Reinforecement System in Huizhou Special School

Main products

8 Channel Mixer With DSP

* 2 optional DSP effective modules, one is 21 effective model, can adjust the time. The other has adjustable and fixed parameter.

* Intelligent display, accurate, convenient.

* +48V phantom power.

* SMT.

* Built in 24-bit DSP effector.

UHF Segment LCD liquid crystal display FM true diversity wireless microphone T-521UH

* Using UHF ultra-high frequency double true diversity reception, and USES the DPLL

   multichannel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology.

* Provides each of 200 a total of 600 channels to choose, true diversity receiving, effectively

   avoiding the phenomenon of fault frequency and to extend the receiving distance.

* With a magnitude 8, according to 8 audio level display, according to the audio level,

   according to the channel menu mute.

* Balanced and unbalanced output port, two choices to meet the needs of different device to


Mic Pre Processor TS-211

* 96k Hz sampling frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.

* 3 1/ 4"  inputs with automatic audio signal detection, providing groups of five mic input, standard and 5.1 channel output.

* USB cable provided for connection to PC. Also provided is a remote control (infrared).

* Directly to use the function keys on front panel or Connecting with PC to operate the device

* 10 typed of storable user programs are present (with 10 factory-presets downloaded from the factory).

Professional Stereo Power Amplifier TA-H8

* Dual mono balanced input structure.

* A variety of input methods: stereo, bridge, parallel.

* H class of highly efficient power amplified circut , built-in automatic temperature controlled fan cooling system.

* HF sound quality, perfect audio quality reduction, allowing actors to play vividly.

* Switch on automatic soft-start.