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Sound reinforcement system in Aoyuan College in Guangzhou Panyu

Sound reinforcement system in Aoyuan College in Guangzhou Panyu


Sound Reinforcement System for large classroom is Getting into more and more college in China, and as one of the top three audio system company in China, ITC is growing everyday!! 

Main Products

Digital Wireless Conference Microphone: One Receiver+ 4 Tabletop Mics TS-354

* Adopt advanced phase-locked loop PLL frequency synthesizer technology, microcomputer integrated central processor CPU bus control system.

* Compatible manually selected frequency and infrared automatic frequency locking channel, noise and tone code squelch control lock to lock squelch control, signal more stable.

* Advanced filtering and anti-interference function can effectively block outside interference signals and bad cell phone signals.

* Use 640-857MHZ bands, each receiver has 200 adjustable frequency, supports 32 channels 16 sets stack machine work without disturbing each other, 150 sets of 300 channels work simultaneously in the

 same place without interference .

UHF Segment LCD liquid crystal display FM true diversity wireless microphone T-521UH

* Using UHF ultra-high frequency double true diversity reception, and USES the DPLL

   multi-channel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology.

* Provides each of 200 a total of 600 channels to choose, true diversity receiving, effectively

   avoiding the phenomenon of fault frequency and to extend the receiving distance.

* With a magnitude 8, according to 8 audio level display, according to the audio level,

   according to the channel menu mute.

* Balanced and unbalanced output port, two choices to meet the needs of different device to


Mic Pre Processor TS-211

* 96k Hz sampling frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.

* 3 1/ 4"  inputs with automatic audio signal detection, providing groups of five mic input, standard and 5.1 channel output.

* USB cable provided for connection to PC. Also provided is a remote control (infrared).

* Directly to use the function keys on front panel or Connecting with PC to operate the device

* 10 typed of storable user programs are present (with 10 factory-presets downloaded from the factory).

* Included is a parameter lock function (with password) in order to avoid unwanted ot unauthorized changes to settings.