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Introduction for our 1st day in prolight+sound SHANGHAI

Introduction for Our 1st Day in prolight+sound SHANGHAI

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Shanghai City as the window of China is really hot in these days. Why? It's because our graceful sales team, mature tech-support crew and new or old clients in the field ofsecurity, professional audio and informationize come to attend prolight+sound.
Due to our many years experience for exporting, our friends're all over the world. In regular days, we just communicate with them via email or skype. And the exhibition is a great chance to talk face to face.
Although we're manufacturer of audiovisual equipmentnew friends mainly fromAsia, America and Africa seem to prefer consulting about our public address devices(speakers and amplifiers). But for old friends, IP PA, conference system and emergency voice alarm system are also interesting. What's more, they'll ask about newproducts according to the trend. We summarized some of their demand, such as easier to be installed, more digitized, operated in Linux, more competitive appearance, etc.After communication, we'll send customization files to dept. of R & D. Price is undoubtedly important. We can't give them precise price immediately, for it's a comprehensive question. And also old friends of us would encounter with some problem about our system, our tech-support team give them the solution after listening their description. By the way, our old and kind friends give us suggestion about our signboard. They said it's without factory address and connection way. We really treasure these suggestion.
"In general, exhibitors are less than the past. We think that it might be influenced by the global economic. and the market is turned to be buyers' market. People would do more contrast in order to buy cost-effective products. Although it's more difficult for us to sell, we always feel optimistic about our development as manufacturer in audiovisual field for 22 years."


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