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ITC® TS Series Conventional Conference System


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TS Series Conference System

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Enterprises always want to hold highly efficient conferences. The only way can you make it is to electronic your conference room. We ITC could provide you with conference system containing practical conference mode, such as FIFO(First In First Out), Conventional, Free Talk, & Application. It's easy to extend function of it. Through connected to specialized devices, the system supports tracking camera and simultaneous interpretation. What's more, it has excellent expandability so that the host could connect up to 128 speaking units and up to 4096 via extended host. 
* Adopt 8-core Plug, and Easy installation of hand-in-hand connection;
* Built in module of equalizer and noise suppressor; 2 VOX In & 4 VOX Out to connect peripheral Devices;
* The whole conference could be recorded;
* Support function of voting and data management, easy to work with third-party system
Radio frequency resistant hose of the mic;
* With large heart-shaped condenser mic to make it highly sensitive; 
* Built in feedback suppressor;
Address of each unit could be changed in order to be installed easily;
* Chairman unit has right to manage the priority.
In addition to conference microphone we mention before, this kind of products has 5 functional key to do voting, electing and grading. Internal LCD displaying your operation to avoid mistaking.