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ITC PA system, Conference System and Professional sound system in The third middle school of Kunming

The third middle school in Kunming is 130 acres, there are 24 junior high school classrooms, 18 high school classrooms.


They need a High standards of audio system to meet the educational needs of this area, to ensure the high quality teaching. ITC provides The third middle school in Kunming broadcasting, multimedia conferencing, professional sound reinforcement gymnasium complete system solutions.

ITC Audio Solution in The third high school of Kunming


PA System:

Mainly for the improvement of modern teaching management, school education diversification, dissemination of information to carry out teaching, but also to provide a safe, stable hearing system support for the school examination system, specific requirements are as follows:

1. Teaching building to achieve "point to point" control and management, connected by a network paging station and sub-control software operating system, together composed of a digital campus network broadcasting system.

2. The Principal can broadcast to the whole school in his office.

3. The school should have regular tasks broadcasting, system servers can run automatically, play different programs in different time periods, program auto-play, auto-stop and other functions.

4. To meet the needs of the listening test

5. Remote control to School playground.

Professional Sound System:

Stadium needs to get ready for variety of competitions and large-scale performances. The main stadium during the match for the venue contests, usually held in addition to a variety of major sports competitions, will also be used to hold various meetings, opening ceremony, theatrical performances and other events.

Conference System:

Library multimedia conferencing system: the conference room using the U segment wireless conference system, no wiring, professional sound system, HD mixed into the matrix system, control system, the entire system is the perfect combination.


System Diagram: