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ITC public broadcasting in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

After 2008 ITC broadcast became Beijing Olympic broadcast provider, we has successfully entered the Guangzhou safe city, Beijing subway, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Express, the Beijing Paralympic Management Center, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games venues and all other well-known project, With success stories of hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide we proved ITC public broadcasting  products to be  "advanced, practical, stability," also in 2010 we received the honor of China intelligent building industry products well-known brand .

Iran's pavilion design reflects the characteristics of traditional Islamic architecture, showing Iran glorious ancient art and contemporary colorful. Entire exhibition hall is divided into past, present and future of three parts of Iran. Among them, the historical part of the presentation nation, history and other Iranian civilization, Status section shows the achievements of the Islamic civilization and Islamic architecture and so on. To echo the theme of the Shanghai World Expo, the pavilion focused on the performance of urban and rural Iran coincides unique charm. Iran's major cities will host the "special week" to introduce their own unique culture, industry, history and tradition.

Pakistan Pavilion scale replica built in the 16th century Lahore Fort. Pavilion Show full of energy and modern Pakistan. Visitors can read eBooks about Pakistani culture and urban development, watch the water curtain projection, approached Pakistan through images of ancient civilizations and religions, immersive experience in the dome theater in Pakistan city street.

Ireland Pavilion consists of five rectangular display area, and five exhibition area connected by a sloping aisle, scattered and distribution at different levels. Each and every exhibition show different times Ireland feature of urban life, focus Ireland brought about by the economic and cultural development of urban space and the evolution of urban life, reflect Ireland in the urbanization process of space efficient use as well as the concept of sustainable development.

Turkmenistan grid Pavilion of the Museum's unique shape and simple integration of modern elements, reveals the charm of Turkmenistan as a country in Central Asia. Exhibition Hall interior with bright colors and space color such as Tan, light grey, with "better city, better life", "oil continued City dream" as the theme, using object multimedia and other forms to show a new era of Turkmenistan's customs and geographical features.

Oman Oman Pavilion will demonstrate the ancient city , the city of the desert , mountains and rivers of the city , the city of the coast , Muscat , and in 2020 built entirely blue city , etc., to reflect the natural harmonious development of cities Oman , Oman city life and potential, sustainable use of resources Oman , Oman 's urban history and future prospects city . Oman museum consists of three exhibition halls , the first exhibition of Oman will lead visitors to enjoy a variety of landscape features and natural beauty - from a desert to the distant mountains , from the ocean to the south of the beautiful Dhofar region is rich enough to allow Subtropical features people praise . Into the second exhibition , visitors will experience the history and culture of Oman , this part of the show is focused on cultural and social heritage of Oman . The third exhibition will describe how Omanis through the sustainable use of resources to achieve harmony between man and nature , so that participants thinking about the future with the end of the whole journey.