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IP based Public Address System Applied to Guangya High School

IP based Public Address System
Applied to Guangdong Guangya High School

Who is Guangya...?

    Guangdong Guangya High School is really famous in China. Its predecessor Guangya College is established in Qing dynasty by viceroy Zhidong Zhang, and the college is one of Chinese most famous colleges at that time.

What they Want...?

         They want to build up digital public address system in order to modernize teaching management, pass message conveniently and ensure the listening test. Specification is as follow.

         1 Set up terminals in every zones so that each zone, such as classroom, library, stadium, etc, is matched with specific background music or timing program. At the meantime, it's more convenient for leaders to manage the whole school.

         2 Teachers're able to record teaching material and upload them to the server. Whenever or however they want to use the file, they could play them in easy way.

         3 Principle or teachers in charge issue thier message in their own office.

         4 With the standby function to ensure the listening test.

         5 User-friendly matching software to manage the whole system easily.

         6 Complete basic function of public address system.



      * Timing Music Belling
         * Sub Broadcasting Station
         * Remote Paging Microphone in Principle's Office
         * Real-time Show Playing
         * Playing difference program in different zone at the meantime
         * Record and upload the audio teaching material
         * Multimedia teaching and local inter-cut
         * Timing broadcasting
         * Monitoring and controlling each terminal based in IP network

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