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Guangzhou Baolun Electronics Limited was established in 1993 by two ambitious young man who abandon their so call great job civial servant. For 20 years, we have been dedicated in the field of enterprise level weak electronics industry. As the solution supplier and manufacturer of Audio & Video system, we're using artificial intelligence to change the world step by step: HD Video Conference Discussion System, IP Network Public Address System, Voice Alarm Evacuation System, Bank or Prison used Intercom System... ...

Our factory covers 30 thousand square meters, including 3 main workshop(electronics equipment workshop, speakers workshop and professional audio workshop) and accessory workshop. In order to provide our clients with high performance products in competitive price, we import ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14000 Environment Management System and ERP Logistics Control System to our factory. What's more, there're nearly 300 marketing staff in our marketing center that is in grade A office building located in Originality Park.

In order to meet the global trend, our brand ITC has been registrated in 35 countries or regions. In the meantime, we have built strategic relationship with 56 excellent global partners.

It's rarely to find such a manufacturing basement of large scale and multiple systems. Relying on 10 major series and more than 1000 products, we're confidence to provide our clients from various area with complete and individual solution. For now, it's proud to say that we have 200 thousand successful cases worldwide and our clients're satisfied with them.

Our products have been applied to many important events or buildings, such as 2008 Peking Olympic Game, Asian Games, UNIVERSIADE, Universities in many provinces, the Capital Metro, etc.

Our Honor

* National High-tech Enterprises;

* High Quality Products in the Industry of Smart Building;

* High Quality Products in the Industry of Smart Building;

* Ten Major Most Competitive Brand in China;

* Ten Major Excellent PA System Brand in the Industry of Audio;

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Registration Name: Guangzhou BaoLun Electronics Limited
Registration Number: 440126000012064
Brand Name: ITC